datenightin_6Now that it’s warming up, we can take our date nights in, outside. How about an outdoor French inspired picnic for two? Don’t forget the baby monitor!

What to do and what to wear (in no particular order)… One. Prepare an assortment bread, fruit and yummy cheeses. Chill a bottle of wine. Two. Pick out a pretty necklace. Three. Break out the spring shoes. Four. Find a french record. I suggest Edith Piaf or Françoise Hardy. Five. Put on a cute dress. Six. Light some candles. Seven. Bring the record player outside. Eight. Spread out a blanket in the grass.

Click here for more date night in ideas.

Do you date night in? Share your ideas in the comments below. One of them may be included in a future post.


  • Jessica Rose

    Perfect night…although I would throw in a few squares of dark chocolate…

  • Anna

    I love anything French-inspired! So lovely!


  • josephine

    why not a swiss cheese fondue as a date night to melt for ; )
    ps: contact me for the recipe….in case ; )
    greetings from switzerland!

  • Jade

    There is nothing I love more than a pretty picnic…

  • Taylor

    I love a good French-inspired date night! We love putting “Amelie” on and hang out with some wine and cheese.


  • Lauren

    These are great. Yes, lately we have been forced to “date night in” more than we’d like since my unruly appendix burst, ha! But it’s honestly so romantic when you make an effort- a little wine, good music like Gregory Alan Isakov or Patrick Watson, good food, and old pictures to look through from when we were in college… you know, the ones you can actually hold in your hands! Love those slippers.

  • cortney

    we get out every now and then, but mostly we date night in. my favorite date nights are those where we order a pizza/chinese food, drink good beer, play cards and listen to alton ellis radio on spotify. nothing fancy – put the baby to bed and kick it.

  • Yustine

    Do you want some french sentences? ;) i’m a frenchie girl

  • lucinda

    a perfect picnic – i can image the entire scene and it is oh so lovely!

  • Ania

    A vinyl record player is a must. Just two of us and Dave Brubeck ;)

  • R

    So far, this entire series has consisted of different variations of the following activities: slip on some fancy clothes, light a candle, open a bottle of wine (or beer), put on some good music, eat some food, and do an activity. Sounds like a pretty standard date night to me. Would love to see something a little more creative and less mainstream for a date night at home in the future.

    • Rachell

      You are so right about the date nights-in. But, I’m pretty sure the dress pictured is from Goodwill. There’s no way that can be expensive.

  • Laura

    I love these posts! I definitely need to plan a date with my boyfriend so. Unfortunately the weather in Denmark isn’t as good as we could hope for, but I think we will book a table at our favorite restaurant soon just to celebrate life.

  • Bevin

    That dress, though. Mon dieu, c’est cute!

  • Erin

    In the winter we turn the heat up in our house, put on bathing suits and sit in our living room in lawn chairs with tropical drinks and imagine we’re at the beach.

  • Natasha

    I love that dress!

  • Kind Mom

    I love that it’s finally warm enough for picnics! I’m not lady like enough to wear a short dress on a blanket but add a pair of jeans or shorts and it’s perfect! Hardy is fantastic! My husband would rather play pretty much anything else but I like to crank her up when I take a Mommy & Wine night.

  • Crystal

    I love date nights in, and with two little ones it’s sometimes our only option! This summer I want to put up a sheet in the back yard for projecting movies onto. I have an etsy shop where I sell waterproof picnic blankets, so we have a bunch that we use for picnics and back yard firepits.

    Let me know if you would ever be interested in having me send you one to review. Hippie is ok that I kind of plugged that here;)

  • Savannah Grace

    My boyfriend gave me that turntable for Christmas — it’s a dream!


  • Lucy

    I love this series that you are doing. And I love this idea for a date as well. It sounds like the perfect night for me and my boy.

  • Tina

    Beeeautiful blanket! Too bad it’s sold out :(

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