12The little kids’ room is finally finished and we are so pleased with how everything has turned out. We couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of The Land of Nod’s incredible design team. They brought our vision of a room for two to life and we’re so happy to finally share photos of the completed space.

Since Birdie and Sailor are now sharing a room, we tried to keep things as gender neutral as possible and I think we did a great job giving both kids a space of their own within four walls. Birdie’s side of the room is bright and colorful, while Sailor’s is more simple and muted in color. Birdie got to pick out her own bedding and pillows along with several decor items in the room, which she loved being able to do.

We chose an oversized, playful print by our good friend Max Wanger, as a centerpiece to Birdie’s wall. His work is amazing!

Little treasures on display from our travels. The drum was picked up while on our recent trip to Park City and I found the little pig while in Austin a couple of years back.

It’s so nice to have a comfortable rocking chair in the room. We are big readers in this house and it’s perfect for story time. Birdie’s favorite book is Bread and Jam for Frances, we read it every night.

We put Birdie’s dresser in the closet, since space was a bit of an issue.

My friend Bekah made the adorable denim whale and the mid-century wooden Birds are from Story North.

I hung several family photos that our friend Brooke Schwab shot of the kids while living in Texas. Love the golden frames.

Cross Stitch quilt and pillows by Little Auggie.

I diffuse lavender oil at night to get the little kids relaxed and ready for bedtime. I bought a salt rock lamp because they naturally purify the air and this one has a dimmer switch, so it makes a great nightlight. (Update: For those asking about the diffuser, it can be found here.)

Over the past two years, we’ve been minimizing the amount of stuff that we have and it’s nice to enjoy a more simple space that is free of clutter. Everything has it’s own place and we love all the creative storage that the room offers. Most of the shelving is easy for the kids to access and is great for storing toys and favorite books.

Furniture and decor / Birdie’s side of the room: Jenny Lind Toddler BedOtami Bedding, embroidered throw pillows from Land of Nod, cross stitch pillows from Little Auggie. Love print by Max WangerEllipse Nightstand, Jess Brown Dolls from Minikin. Teal Key Rug. Ellipse Dresser (in the closet.) Sailor’s side of the room: Andersen Crib, Pebble Crib Sheet and Cross Stitch Pillows from Little Auggie. Walnut Andersen DresserFlokati Rug, Arctic Rocker, Handmade Dream Catcher, Thief & Bandit. Shared space: Family photos shot by Brooke SchwabLittle red piano, Joya Rocker, District Storage ShelvesOrb Pendant, Toys from Shak-Shuka and Land of Nod.

Thank you again to The Land of Nod and their team. You guys are so fun to work with! Here are the blue print plans of the space that helped it all come together.

I feel like we created a unique space that’s both eclectic and modern at the same time. We especially love how minimal and uncluttered their room feels. We know both kids will grow to love their room as much as we do.

Photos by Bleubird.

P.S. We are almost done with Plum’s room and cannot wait to share her space with you all.


  • Alecia

    looks amazing lady! I live right across the street from the Land of Nod in Chicago, and I have no kids but find myself in there A TON!

  • Mary Macfarlan

    Fabulous set of pics, such detail you’ve shared with us, thanks so much for sharing. Their room looks like a very happy place.

  • Bridget

    Wow! The room looks great. I didn’t know about salt rock lamps . . . now I want one. =)

  • Resting Roost

    The sweetness is out of control! I love everything about this room, they are blessed to have such a beautiful space to lay their heads. Thank you for sharing!

  • Catherine Beck

    What a beautiful space. I love how simple and relaxing it looks. It’s definitely given me lot’s of inspiration for my daughter’s rooms.
    The floor plan is such a useful tool for planning the space too. xxx

  • Samantha C

    The room looks adorable! I had two questions, what kind of oil diffuser do you use? I am on the lookout. And where is Sailor’s indigo blanket from?

    Thanks, James!


  • Emily

    It looks so beautiful, the big child in me loves the look of a lot of those toys! I was excited to see the salt lamp too, we have one in our lounge at the moment, I love the calming colour they emit.

  • Rebecca

    I think you have done an amazing job- I’d love for that to be my room! Great colour scheme. x

  • Jade

    It’s looks so lovely! I’m going to have to get my hands on one of those diffusers. And I love the rocker. Oh, and Birdie has great taste because I love ‘Bread and Jam for Frances’ too… :)

  • Dani

    Looks great! I love the natural light in your house. So beautiful!

  • Hannah Smith | Fox & Willow

    majorly crushing on that indigo blanket! and just wow on that salt lamp -total swoon.

  • Lisa

    Bread & Jam for Frances was my favorite book as a kid as well! So sweet :)

  • Tina

    Oh my goodness this room is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! That dresser is to die for. The white and wood together, swwooooooon. Also, I love her comforter! And the rug. AND JUST EVERYTHING hhahaha Great job!

  • tiffany

    Love every detail! Birdie has great taste.

  • Dayna

    Bread and Jam for Francis was my favourite book when I was a little girl, too. I still think it is a beautiful book.

  • Mia M

    I love the simplicity and how you used a mix of dark wood and white so sailor and birdies spaces within the room blend but still have their differences so cute, can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your spaces.


  • Alia (simple savvy blog)

    I love the photos above the dresser. so precious!!

  • Ally

    Gorgeous room, and seems so fitting for your family. Love the minimal space and fun touches that seem so YOU (well, at least from what I can tell on here ;) ). Thanks for posting all of the links, I’m definitely going to pick up a few things for my own little one’s room. Land of Nod is genius!!

  • Kristin

    Such a lovely room. I am in love with the bed spread and pillows for the kid’s bed.

  • Alexandra

    I LOVE it!!! Thank you for sharing! My family and I are on the road of decluter and simple spaces.

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