Some photos from around our home.

We’ve been spending most of our days inside due to the cold weather and I feel like we’ve been climbing the walls. This long winter has been kind of a bummer for us. Coming from Texas, we aren’t used to so much cold and gloom. All of us are looking forward to sunshine and springtime; playing in the park, outdoor movies, trips to the vineyard, back yard barbecues, and swimming in the lake.

I will say that the gray of winter does make for some pretty light in our home. That is something I can appreciate.

Come on spring! We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.



    Love your style. I have been looking everywhere for that mountain picture….please tell me how i get my hands on one?

  • Tracee

    Try living in Western PA!! We are known for our lack of sun year round. I took my girl to school at 7:45 this morning. It was -5. At noon, we were 12. I’m too SAD to look at it now!

    I was born and raised in Austin, Tejas. I’ve been up here for 14 years all because I met a boy in a bar. We head back to Austin every chance we get. We would have gone for Spring Break but our igmo school district doesn’t build in enough snow days and they took back all except for one day. We even have had to add FOUR DAYS onto the end of the year! It’s been a brutal winter for us.


  • Steph

    Beautiful. Love the little details and that red rug!

  • Braden

    where is the “It’s ok” banner from? i love it!

  • SEM

    may i ask where your pretty jewelry boxes are from?

  • Leisa Smith

    I’d love to know where you found the “It’s OK” banner. Did you have it made?

  • Ceranna

    This is so beautiful! Would like to have a house like that too someday!

  • Blake

    Dang! May I ask where that mountain print is from in your first photo?

  • Anne-Marie

    I love those toes….

  • Riley

    LOVE the wooden box used as a side table. Did u buy that item? If can you please tell me where from? Would really appreciate it. P.S. you have an amazing blog!

  • Mireia

    I love your blog … makes me dream!

    Big Hug from Qatar


  • Elise

    Love the aesthetic of your home and all the natural light!

  • Molly

    I can’t for spring and taking my kids outside more!

  • FCouto

    Well, where I live in Brazil looks like we have Spring the half of a entire year.

  • Adrienne

    Such a beautiful home! I love your triangle jewelry case. Do you mind sharing where it’s from?

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  • Emilie

    Where is the banner in the last picture from? That is something I would love to have. You can never have too many reminders!

  • ica

    i like your passion, inspiring style

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