Some photos from around our home.

We’ve been spending most of our days inside due to the cold weather and I feel like we’ve been climbing the walls. This long winter has been kind of a bummer for us. Coming from Texas, we aren’t used to so much cold and gloom. All of us are looking forward to sunshine and springtime; playing in the park, outdoor movies, trips to the vineyard, back yard barbecues, and swimming in the lake.

I will say that the gray of winter does make for some pretty light in our home. That is something I can appreciate.

Come on spring! We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.


  • Rachel

    Beautifully captured!
    What are the boots that your little girl is wearing?

  • Danielle

    Tell me about it! I’m so eager for sunshine and warmth, and walking outside without a jacket just for the sake of it :)

  • Robyn

    Stunning home. As a Canadian used to the harsh winter weather, all I can say is nest! Enjoy the downtime and little projects you can set your mind to indoors :).

  • Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    I love the simplicity and elegance of your home styling. It’s picture perfect yet looks so homely.

  • Ania

    we’re looking forward to spring here in Poland, too ;)

  • Abby

    Nashville winters can be so tricky! Sometimes they’re so mild and sometimes they’re so snowy and grey. My first winter in Nashville was like that too, and coming from Florida I spent the whole of February in a funk.

    Wishing you more success with the weather this year!

  • Briseidy

    oh my! that little girl with the huge boots! adorable

  • Ann

    Please, would you do a home tour soon? xoxo

  • Miú Segunda

    I love the huge boots your daughter is wearing! :)
    And all the photos are, as usual, lovely.
    A big hug from Portugal

  • S

    Dude, winter in Nashville was incredibly difficult for me! The unending gray skies and cold temps were so depressing and seemed to go on for months and months. I can’t imagine it with little kids. I told V that if we end up moving back this year /if he gets into Vanderbilt/ we’re for sure getting several vitamin D lights for our house so I don’t slit my wrists (I kid, I kid.)

  • Ckah

    I love the light ! Your pictures are always so bright and cheerful. Yet have a certain calm which makes me feel safe and warm. I love your eye and all the white. Beautiful. I love winter I wish in California we got one this year. Instead we have a drought. Thanks for letting me peep into your beautiful home and get glimpses of all your pretty things

  • Jenny

    Oh yes! I know what you mean! But your pics are so amazing!


  • Kelly B.

    So sorry to ask one of these questions, but you had to know it was coming with these gorgeous photos… where did the rug come from? My fiancé and I are currently moving/furnishing with the taste for expensive oriental rugs but an ikea budget. 5×8 is what we need. If you or any of your followers reading this have tips, please share :)

  • Mary Hayes

    I feel you! We are totally dealing with that in St. Louis as well. It’s usually in the 40s at least this time of year, but we’ve just had more and more snow and the temp doesn’t climb above the 20s. My poor husband gets a little SAD-ish this time of year….needless to say we are counting down to March! Hope you guys keep your chins up until spring’s (inevitable!!) arrival.

  • Maja

    such lovely details!

  • Cleophis

    Love Birdie and her big shoes!!

  • Paige Gardner

    Hi! Your blog is so classy and delicate and lovely. Love your attitude and vibes. Where did you get the it’s ok hanging piece? Decorating my new apartment and it would be “ok” in my place too :)

  • Kelley

    Oh my goodness, I know what you mean. I’m from Florida and moved north a few years ago. This time of year is the worst, especially with an almost two year old and So. Much. Snow. Good luck where you are! Hopefully it’ll be here before we all know it.

  • ann in indy

    Oh, it has been a long winter! Tried to take a walk and its almost impossible… much snow. Spring please come soon! Your home is lovely and those baby feet precious.

  • Savannah

    there is so much light in your home – it’s gorgeous! (and I can definitely sympathize – I spent my whole life in Dallas and just moved to Ithaca, NY this fall. winter here is harsh and a huge adjustment).

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