So now that you have your stitches cast on to one needle, you’re ready to start knitting! There are two basic foundation stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Once these two stitches are learned, they can be combined in a seemingly endless number of ways to create different textures and patterns. For this simple scarf, we will just be doing the knit stitch. You’ll want to make sure the bottom edges of the cast-on loops all line up at the bottom of the needle. Hold this needle in your left hand (the short tail of yarn should be closest to your hand), and hold the empty needle in your right hand.

Insert the tip of the empty needle into the first stitch on the left needle as shown. The right needle should be crossed behind the left needle. With your right hand, wrap the yarn around the right needle one time, counter-clockwise.

Bring the tip of the right hand needle with its wrap of yarn through the loop on the left hand needle and to the front. Then just slide the whole stitch off the left needle.

Congratulations, you have just knit your first stitch! You will have one knit stitch on your right needle (you can tighten it up a bit by pulling on the yarn attached to the ball). Now just repeat this with all the other cast on stitches, until you have transferred all the stitches to your right needle.

It should look like this. The needle with all the stitches on it becomes your new left hand needle, and you just repeat all the stitches over again! Each time you knit a row of stitches you will be adding a row to your scarf. It’s really important to make sure the “work” (the rows of stitches that have already been knitted) stays lined up, and at the bottom. Here is a short video where you can see the knit stitch in action…it really helps to see it live! Next week we will learn how to finish the scarf…happy knitting!

To see last weeks lesson, click here.

Photos and Knit 101 by Rebekka Seale for Bleubird.


  • Erinn

    I’ve been knitting since I was in my twenties and was just introduced to European knitting. Anyone have any feedback on this? So much faster.

  • Daisy

    Nice knitting tutorial. Have you seen this website (actually, this is just the facebook page, but…)?
    Thought it might be of interest…there is a free house being offered!!/urbanpropertiesnashville

  • Fernand et Firmin

    The pictures are really incredibly nice. I find it so difficult to take nice pictures when you’re actually documenting something and not just focusing on the aesthetic. But here, the result is amazing. Well done Rebekka !

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  • debbie hosaflook

    Okay could someone please tell me what I may possibly doing wrong……..I somehow have now ended up with 23 stitches on my needles instead of 20. Not really sure how on earth I did that but this seems to be a very common problem for me in my past attempts to learn to knit. I don’t know if the yarn I buy is too cheap that it separates into strands too easily that I mistake them for a stitch or what my problem is. I get tired of unraveling the whole thing and starting over, so I am just continuing along and my scarf is going to have a very unusual shape to it. But I would really love to do this the right way so that when I go to make something more difficult than a simple scarf, I don’t screw up so bad. I REALLY, REALLY want to learn to knit and just cant believe I have such a hard time with it.
    Someone help me PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Rebekka

      Hi Debbie! I am going to email you! I think I know exactly what you’re doing…I did it a lot when I first started knitting :)

  • Li

    Always inspiring photos. Now I want to knit something! And I really like the blog-design.

  • April

    I’m absolutely loving this series! My gran tried teaching me how to knit years ago, and I could never understand it! I started crocheting though last year and now this seems a lot easier than it did before haha!
    I can’t wait for the rest of the series!

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  • Ingrid Westmont

    I have NEVER in my whole life seen anybody hold knitting needles like that. Surely you would never knit like this Rebekka, so I cannot understand why you would be teaching people to knit incorrectly— holding the needles correctly should be one of the very first thing a beginner learns! It would be impossible to make a whole garment like this and I am having a very hard time comprehending WHY you are doing this???

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, I do not mean to sound rude. As an experienced knitter for over 30 years I am just absolutely baffled.

  • Liv

    You should try the continental method. It’s much faster if you hold the yarn in your left hand and the thread on your left index finger instead of having to move your whole wright hand to cast it on the needle like with the throwing method.

    This video explains it well:

    Love from Liv, an eager Norwegian knitter

  • Lulu

    This yarn is beautiful! I recently starting knitting again and forgot how much I enjoy it :)

    Lulu xx


    […] To see last weeks lesson, click here. […]

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