So now that you have your stitches cast on to one needle, you’re ready to start knitting! There are two basic foundation stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Once these two stitches are learned, they can be combined in a seemingly endless number of ways to create different textures and patterns. For this simple scarf, we will just be doing the knit stitch. You’ll want to make sure the bottom edges of the cast-on loops all line up at the bottom of the needle. Hold this needle in your left hand (the short tail of yarn should be closest to your hand), and hold the empty needle in your right hand.

Insert the tip of the empty needle into the first stitch on the left needle as shown. The right needle should be crossed behind the left needle. With your right hand, wrap the yarn around the right needle one time, counter-clockwise.

Bring the tip of the right hand needle with its wrap of yarn through the loop on the left hand needle and to the front. Then just slide the whole stitch off the left needle.

Congratulations, you have just knit your first stitch! You will have one knit stitch on your right needle (you can tighten it up a bit by pulling on the yarn attached to the ball). Now just repeat this with all the other cast on stitches, until you have transferred all the stitches to your right needle.

It should look like this. The needle with all the stitches on it becomes your new left hand needle, and you just repeat all the stitches over again! Each time you knit a row of stitches you will be adding a row to your scarf. It’s really important to make sure the “work” (the rows of stitches that have already been knitted) stays lined up, and at the bottom. Here is a short video where you can see the knit stitch in action…it really helps to see it live! Next week we will learn how to finish the scarf…happy knitting!

To see last weeks lesson, click here.

Photos and Knit 101 by Rebekka Seale for Bleubird.


  • Mel

    some years ago my aunt tried to teach me how to do this but i’m just too stupid hahaha


    • Smee

      Mel- give it time. I learned watching videos online almost 5 years ago, and it’s all about practice, practice, practice. You can do it!

    • Smee

      Also, as a beginner, use a lighter, solid colour. I found using a light blue when teaching my girl to knit helped, because she could see the stitches better :)

  • Laura - Afterglobe

    Really love these posts! It reminds me of my own projects – which btw. needs some attention. Wops. Well, this motivated me to get going again :)

  • Bridget

    Just logged on to see if there was an update as I’m ready for the next step! Wonderful! How many rows are recommended??

    • Rebekka

      Hi Bridget! You can make it as long as you want :) If you have a lot of yarn and want to make a long scarf, go for it! Or you can make a shorter one with buttons that is more of a neckwarmer. I’ll show how to attach the buttons in a couple of weeks :)

  • Lauren

    Checking out the video now… I think that should help my very visual brain. Loving this series… love Rebekka!

  • jessica

    Thank you for the baby steps…much appreciated….some of us need a bit more time!! ;0) x

  • Heather Lou

    She should really mention knit tension….. you’ll never make a nice product if you don’t learn how to hold the yarn so you get a consistent stitch.

    • Annette Tirette

      Exactly what I was thinking… Not to mention how long it would take to knit anything when you’re holding the needles like that.

      • Melissa

        I completely agree! Holding the needles like that will make it incredibly difficult (and time consuming) to knit an entire row, let alone a finished product. And tension is the biggest hurdle for teaching those new to the craft (at least in my experience).

        • Rebekka

          I definitely agree with y’all! Right now I’m just trying to show the very basics and make it as simple as possible. I am planning to talk about tension, etc. in future projects :)

        • grapefruitmoon

          As a beginner you have to try the european way of knitting (yarn in the left hand), which is much efficient and faster! (my personal opinion as a practitioner of this method ; )

  • Lili

    I really love the new blog design now, a few posts in. Loved it from the off but its just so clean and easy to use – fantastic job!

  • Virginie

    I really appreciate this series – I always wanted to learn knitting, and truly appreciate the video as well (that lady’s voice is so soft and sweet !).

    However, if I may make a comment, I think you made a poor choice of yarn (black and white mixed together) for a beginner’s class. It makes it really hard to understand your pictures. It looks like two different threads are used and the whole thing becomes very confusing. Maybe for the next projects could you try to use single-colored yarn, even if you don’t like it as much ? It would really help seeing the way the yarn goes.

    Thank you !

  • blue belt

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  • Kristhel

    This series is hilarious cos my new years resolution was to re-learn knitting. Haha. So going to do this!

  • becky | accooohtrements blog

    you have no idea what good timing this guide is for me :)

    so useful too, super-duper clear & great photos.

    thank you!


  • Katie

    This is a nice little tutorial series. I am rediscovering knitting again and just found a really helpful book/magazine at Barnes & Noble. I am a visual learner and need lots of pictures and this book is full of them. Plus they are pretty! Thought it might be helpful to other beginner knitters. I found a link to it here also.

  • Taylor

    Aside from these pictures being absolutely gorgeous, I love these little lessons! Knitting is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do and I can’t wait to try it out now thanks to these mini classes.


  • Lily

    As I knitter I always love for more people to learn the craft. But I have to say the black and white yarn for this tutorial is the worst! A solid color would be much easier to see what is happening.

    • Jennifer Pickering

      I have to disagree! I have never knitted before and am following this tutorial and I think it is very easy to see. My scarf looks great so far!

  • Laine

    I’m an intermediate/advanced knitter for over 5 years now. I’d like to suggest that those wanting to learn knitting check out YouTube. Unfortunately, this tutorial is lacking and she is teaching what most would consider the “wrong” way

  • Juliette Laura

    I cannot wait to start knitting. That yarn is lovely!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Lea

    Your yarn is the fiber of dreams. I love the black and white combination, but if only my skin could handle alpaca.

  • Bibiche

    Un com en français pour réussir à dire clairement tout le bien que je pense de votre blog qui m’inspire souvent et que je trouve vraiment très esthétique. Votre grande famille m’a donné envie d’agrandir la mienne c’est tout dire !
    Merci de ce beau partage et de ce qui me semble être de votre part une grande simplicité.

  • Melissa @ An Impulse To Soar

    Very cool series – love Rebekka Seale! :-)

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