Congratulations, knitters! You are almost finished with your first project! Actually, if you decided to make a longer-length, traditional scarf you are finished. Just wrap it around your neck and go! If you are opting to do the shorter, neckwarmer type scarf you will need a button, needle and thread. One of the great things about knitting with big, bulky yarn like this is that you can often use the spaces in between the stitches as buttonholes. This is a 1″ diameter wooden button I bought from Michael’s. The size of your button really depends on how tightly knit your neckwarmer is. To be safe, I’d suggest going with an inch or smaller.

With a needle and thread, sew the button to the center of one short end of the neck warmer. It should look like this. Actually, yours will probably look a lot neater than mine…the hand-spun yarn I like to use lends the finished product a funky, textural feel (which I love!).

Now you can wrap it  around your neck and slip the button through whichever stitch you like. That’s the great thing about not having designated buttonholes here…it can be totally adjustable!
I have really enjoyed seeing your progress on this project and would love to see your final product! Next time, we’ll be knitting a simple hat, and learning several new skills: long-tail cast on, purling, and knitting in the round to name a few. I hope you all have cozy weekends and stay warm!

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Photos and Knit 101 by Rebekka Seale for Bleubird.


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