Here’s a very simple and romantic date night in idea… a surprise bubble bath for two.

What to do and what to wear (in no particular order)… One. While your loved one is unaware, light a calming candle. Two. Throw on your robe. Three. Grab the massage oil. Four. Draw a bubble bath. Five. Turn on some soothing music or a record that has a special meaning to you both. We love Bon Iver and Sam Cooke. Six. Open up a good bottle of wine and grab two glasses. Seven. Set out a couple of towels to dry off post bath time. Then go grab your special someone… The rest is up to you.

Click here for more date night in ideas.

Do you have more date night in ideas? Let me know in the comments below. One of them may be included in a future post.


  • bethany

    super sexy. and I bet that candle smells amazing.

  • alice

    i love this series! as a mom of a toddler, date nights out are few and far between. one thing that my husband and I do is make a dinner together and eat together AFTER our son goes to bed. Most recently I made Vietnamese Pho Ga. It is a nice way to set aside some time just the two of us. so that could be an idea, cooking date! love your pics and style.

  • amanda

    one: those robes are gorgeous, about the only ones i can think of that i like better are the mara hoffman ones at the parlour in greenpoint, brooklyn. two: dark rum is my FAVORITE. thanks for reminding me that i finally burned mine to the end and need a new one.

  • Gina Blasco

    Loving this date night idea… now I’m just missing the boyfriend! hahaha

    I loved your 4/52 photos and I’m glad little Sailor is doing well. I recommend you pure rosehip oil to treat the scar after it heals, works like magic!

  • Laura - Afterglobe

    Our date night in yesterday consisted of homemade caramel popcorn, homemade hot chocolate and working on our blog together – with breaks of gaming (playing against your boyfriend in a computer game like Battlefield is fun- even though I’m not a gamer AT ALL)!

  • Sara

    Try kai Body Glow!! Its been a favorite of mine for the last 8 years. It smells incredible and leaves your skin with a soft feel and natural glow. Perfect for summer legs!

  • sarah

    love the date night in ideas!

  • Jo Farmer

    We’re big fans of the art date, set around the coffee table with a good record on. We get some new coloring books and a fresh box of crayons, and grab this box of various paints, fun pens, yarns, etc. that we keep in the office and color, draw, and glue the evening away together. There are also some “grown up” coloring sheets that you can find online that don’t feature dinosaurs or superheroes, and on occasion we just print those. It’s a pretty nice little evening and especially perfect when accompanied by cocoa, thick socks, and a cold Winter’s night.

  • Brooke

    Love, love, love this! We are pretty much always on a budget so this series is definitely right up our alley! I’m on the pregnant side of things, so no wine for me, but the rest is great, haha!

  • Tara Victoria

    this is such a cute idea, i love it! would be such a relaxing stay-in date night!

  • Melynmarie

    Love this! If only I was not seven months pregnant or perhaps my tub was quite bigger. I find breakfast in bed to be quite romantic, only problem is our mornings are taken by a bouncing toddler. Literally. Not much romance found in your darling, bouncing two year old causing coffee to spill all over a perfectly white duvet. However, an evening filled with a green omlet, homemade bread and butter and a bottomless flute of Bellini, could be quite wonderfully enjoyed wrapped up with your love in bed, in candle light, watching a movie together, uninterrupted. Perhaps a sweet, classic or a sexy, foreign film. A few of my favorite romances, all with a bit of twist, Buffalo 66 (written, directed by and starring, Vincent Gallo), Romance and Cigarettes (Amazing cast, written by Jon Tuturro, so fantastic!) or any brilliancy by the beloved, Wes Anderson.

  • Mia Arp

    My best idea is a picknick-book date :-)
    One. Put on your comfy boyfriend jeans. Two. Pick a cozy blanket. Three. Put a lovely picknick box together with your favorite treats, like olives, fresh bred and wine. Four. You both get to pick a book that you would like to read for each other. Five. Get comfy on the sofa with the picknick box next to you. Six. One of you starts reading their favorite chapter and then it´s the other persons turn. Seven. Feed each other with your favorite treats!

    Love, Mia

  • andie

    Date Ideas. Feel free to use.

    We love to open a cookbook we both like to a random page, then cook whatever is on that page! We’ve cooked softshell crab linguine, pad thai, and chicken dumpling soup this way. You could do the same thing with a cocktail book.

    Second Idea: Make a cheese and Charcuterie board/pair with wine.

    Third Idea: Take a Youtube tutorial from a dance teacher. My boyfriend and I have watched some swing dancing video, put on a record, dressed up and than worked on a routine. It’s a fun time.

    • camille

      LOVE the dance tutorial idea – just not sure my boyfriend feels the same….

  • Mayra

    Love the colors of this robe!

  • Danielle San Filippo

    We love date nights in- outside! Picnic in your backyard under some string lights with (spiked) infused lemonade or roast artisan marshmellows in your chiminea with portable/outdoor speakers for sweet music. Perfect fun and romantic nights under the stars, without having to leave your own porch/backyard!

  • Félicie

    I had an amazing art date once, that consisted on a huge sheet of paper on the floor, then painting with our bodies/feet/hands, using healthy paint or whatever to make art. You would need nice underwear, or shorts and a simple T, and of course a nice something to eat and drink. As long as the memories, you might end up with a cute piece of art to hang in the house, maybe in the bedroom.

    Sorry for my English,
    a daily reader from France.

  • Torri

    I’ve been waiting to do a replay of our first date when the weather gets a little warmer, too bad our anniversary is in February. Coffee shop, then unintentionally muddy disc golf, grilling together, then hot tub!

  • Sarah O

    Being “snowed in” over here in Houston the other night, the boyfriend and I had to find something to do/eat indoors. We ordered out for some vietnamese soup, something warm as it was cold outside. Afterwards, having already got the ingredients ahead of time, I pulled out a recipe for Spicy Spiked Hot Chocolate found in my fave food mag. Bon Appetit. We put on the aprons, whipped out the ingredients, put on some music, and got to cookin’. Once it was done, we cozied up to a scary movie (haha! random I know) and sipped us some spiked hot chocolate. It was delicious! And it was fun!

    Vietnamese food and hot chocolate probably doesn’t sound like the best combo but after having to get ingredients ready and then actually making the coco your tastebuds lose the asian food taste and are primed for something else. :)

    Definitely lookup Bon Appetit’s Spicy Spiked Hot Chocolate recipe! It was heaven!

  • nikki

    great idea! and i love that towel


  • Esther

    loving these!! how about fondue night? we’ve done that for valentine’s day. it’s kind of nice to stay in when everyone else is going out.

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