This year seems to be challenging us quite a bit. On Friday evening, Sailor hit his head while running in the kitchen and had to get five stitches on his forehead. It was not a fun experience for any of us. I am happy to report that he is doing well and his stitches are healing nicely.

Julian: Post shower stuffed animal fight.
Plum: She hasn’t been into having her picture taken lately. I’m wondering how this weekly series will go.
Birdie: Birdie threw a little concert for us last night and sang the theme songs to her favorite shows. She played the ukulele and wore sunglasses. I posted a little video on Instagram if you would like to see.
Sailor: Waiting, waiting and more waiting in the emergency room. Watching the iPad while the medicine on his forehead kicks in before stitches.


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  • Mayra

    Glad to know Sailor is doing better!
    Oh! And Francis in the cart is so funny! :D

  • Jessica

    Oh no!!! Poor little fella!! Feel better soon, Sailor!

    Fantastic pics as always, James. Do you ever use flash (off or on camera) with your pics or just solely natural/available light? I love how bright all of your indoor photos are!

    Hope you are doing well,

  • Phibi

    Hello sweetie!

    Hugs to all family!!

    Poor Sailor!! Kisses to him.

    And Love from Spain.

    Phibi xoxoxo.

  • Jami

    My two-year-old was looking at the picture of Sailor and said, “Hey, Mommy, what happened baby?” I told him Sailor got a boo-boo on his head, and he replied,”Oh, I’ll give him some good kisses.” He also wanted to know if Sailor was watching Bubble Guppies to make his boo-boo feel better. Sending your little some love. xx

  • Val

    Poor Sailor! I love these posts. It inspired me to do a weekly post of my four-legged furry child, Murphy the Boston Terrier! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jenna

    Sorry to hear about Sailor’s stitches. My little brother was clowning around when I had friends over one time and he ran smack into the radiator. It can be so scary for everyone involved.

  • Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

    So glad Sailor is doing well!!!

  • tinajo

    Aww, poor little one – I´m glad it worked out pretty good in the end though. When my oldest was 5 years old he managed to hit his head THREE times within 8 weeks so I had to go to ER, it was awful and stich him up every time. He has never done it since though (knock on wood)…

  • Ariel

    I have an idea. Instead of having her photo photo, Milla takes the photo. It would keep the series going with her still in it.

  • Jesse

    oh that must have been so terrifying! so glad sailor is okay, what a tough little guy.


  • OnceLostBoutique

    Poor kid :( Glad that it’s in a past already ! Get better Little one ! If it will makes him happy I’d like to send him Get Well bird tattoo )

  • kasia

    do you have any polish people in your family because your name Kicinski is definitely polish:)
    greetings from Poland!

  • Cathryn

    Lovely photos. Poor Sailor, you must have been so worried. Glad to see he is on the mend!


  • Brooke

    Poor baby Sailor. I know that must be so terrifying. Birdie’s performance on Instagram is ADORABLE. Just love these weekly photos!

  • Wren

    Poor baby! When I was about his age, I was running through my aunt and uncle’s room (my first mistake) and tripped and fell on their brick fireplace and busted my lip and my mom nearly fainted, apparently. I now have a scar that reminds me a bit of a bird flying in the distance over an ocean on the left side of my upper lip. I hope his stitches continue to heal well.

  • jessica

    Ahh…no..sending lots of healing love to your Sailor. x


  • Mevrouw Wispeltuut

    O. I love your photos. I really, realy love them.

  • Taylor

    These pictures are beautiful. I’m glad that Sailor is feeling better! When I was four-years-old I had to get stitches because the prongs of a lamp cord when through my lip. It’s my first memory and to this day, my mom still reminds me of how horrible she felt when I was screaming, “mommy, don’t let them do this to me!!!” As an adult now, I can only imagine hearing those yells from my child and how my heart would break, as I’m sure yours did when little Sailor had to get his stitches done. Just keep in mind that when they come out, they’re a total breeze!



  • ashley

    It’s been a rough year for us, as well. Hang in there mama.

    Here’s a link to my series: http://www.thestorkandthebeanstalk.com/portraitseriesthree2014/


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