Another year of photos of my children through my eyes. This year anything goes. It could be a photo of something that represents them, a favorite toy just played with and left on the ground or a hand print on the wall. It could be a photo of them showing raw emotion or all of them together outside running wild. I want to get creative and try to capture more this time around.

Julian: I took this photo shortly after he woke up. I was asking him how he slept and he told me he dreamed of dragons.
Plum: She loves My Little Pony but sometimes feels like she shouldn’t because she is eleven and thinks they are for little kids.
Birdie: We went outside and played in the snow. Just us and her white tiger.
Sailor: I took this photo yesterday afternoon, after a pipe broke from the freeze the night before and water flooded part of our house. The commotion and panic happened while he slept. He woke up from his slumber like nothing had happened. We played on my bed and all the stress of the day seemed to fade away for that moment.


  • Kayleigh Davis

    I love that your continuing portraits of children. I find it inspiring to see new ideas of how to capture natural personalities of children through photography.
    Also, happy to hear that everyone was safe from the flood. That is not fun to deal with. :(

  • becca waterloo

    yay! i’m so glad you’re doing this series again! i’ve started my own, just 52 photos of anything i take around chicago. so excited to watch another year!


  • Iwona

    Beautiful portraits!!! I greet: )

  • Alicia

    I loved playing with barbies well through middle school, long after (it seemed) my friends had stopped. Yeah, there was a little shame and embarrassment because I felt like I was “too old,” but it was something I loved doing – dressing them up in different outfits, creating different stories and backgrounds for each doll. It was simply just another way of harboring my creativity, and allowed me to “escape” from things within my life. As an adult, I long for those times that I could just sit and create without any pressure or obligation.

  • Taylor

    I can’t wait for this coming year of photos! Also, having a pipe burst must have been terrible. Especially since this weather is bad enough already! I hope everything goes well for the rest of the winter.

    p.s. I loved the picture that Aubrey posted on IG of the kids “cereal bed”. Too funny.



  • Jackie

    I love that you included a little background story with your pictures and am really glad you’re continuing this project. I’ve been waiting for the last several months to be able to start doing this as well because I just love what you’ve done with it.

  • Clare

    Lovely photos. You’re never too old for some things (I still collect Sylvanian Families…I just turned 30).

  • Nicole

    No way, my little ponies are the bomb. Our baby likes it… But everytime we put it on- she ends up toddling off and without fail, her 9 year old brother gets sucked in. My little ponies will get even the most cynical pre teen boy, Aint no shame in the ponies.

  • christina

    these are stunning photos! I love putting aside my to-do list and just soak up a few minutes with my kids…doing nothing…it is good for the soul.

  • elisabeth

    beautiful photos! and tell plum not to feel bad, i’m 16 and i love my little pony. so does my little sister who is 13.

  • Julia.B

    Ils sont très beaux, c’est qu’on appelle le bonheur, la vie. Bonne année de photographies

  • Danielle

    I just showed my mom this series, and her and I agree its magnificent. Wishing you and your family extra special moments this year, on camera and off.

  • Haley

    If it is any consolation to your daughter, when I was 12/13 I went on a cheer camp trip with my cheer team and it was a 3 or 4 days overnight thing. I brought my favorite my little pony and she sat on my bedside table the whole time! I still have her at 23, although my daughter plays with her more now than I do :)

  • Mia Arp

    Great that you continue this project. I´m thinking of starting the project as well but instead go for one picture a month of my kiddos :-) Looking forward to it!

    Love, Mia


  • OnceLostBoutique

    What a joy to make those photos !!

  • Kaylan

    beautiful portraits, James. I love that one of Milla especially.

  • Juliette Laura

    I love you are continuing the series. I am excited to see what you do with your new take. Also, your words accompanying the photos seem different, in a good way. Excited for another year of these!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Beverly

    Tell Milla that My Little Ponies has a HUGE adult audience. She has a good reason to love it.

  • Mayra

    yay! one more year!

  • jess

    so glad you’re continuing this series! this is one of my absolute favorites of birdie, so sweet

    and plum, you’re never too old for my little pony :)

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