1. he gives kisses now. all day long.
2. aubrey and i have been very sick with what has been going around town over the past few days. we are doing our best to keep the kids well.
3. beetlejuice pants and a fox tail.
4. cinnamon pine cones.
5. birdie’s christmas tree art.
6. a dreamy baby.
7. a little green on our plum colored door.
8. in love with the new issue of kinfolk.
9. this morning birdie woke up with a cough and a low-grade fever. keeping her hydrated and resting today.
10. always trying to grab the camera.
11. lots of hot tea with lemon oil these days.

it’s been awhile since i have shared some bits + pieces. it’s a post that i truly love and will try to share more often. this week has been a rough one. aubrey and i have been very sick. in and out of the doctors office, on antibiotics and supplements, all while trying to keep the kids healthy. i thought we had managed to keep them clear or this terrible bug until this morning when birdie woke up warm to the touch and coughing. i suppose it needs to make it’s rounds. i foresee a few more trips to the doctor in our near future. crossing my fingers that we are well by christmas.

hope you are all staying healthy during this cold and flu season. xx



    hope that you all feel better. there has definitely been some kind of bug going around.
    lovely photos by the way! the cover of kinfolk looks rather intriguing.

  • Bess

    I hope the bug going around Nashville isn’t the same bug that’s going around birmingham! I had it a few weeks ago and it was horrible! A lot of people here were very, very sick…

  • ale norris

    it seems like everybody around me is sick right now, too. good luck getting better!
    ps. love your plum colored door.

  • jenna

    ugh, that yucky bug circled all of us here too in california. hope you guys get better soon. oregano oil is magic!

  • Marisa

    I’ve been on a mission to figure out what color to paint our front door and that plum color is beautiful! I hope you and your family get well soon and that you have a lovely Christmas!

  • Alexa

    your home has such lovely light! i adore this series.


    Hope you all feel better soon! Also….curious why you use Rutin for fluey type illness..?

  • Heather Audrey Lapier

    I love these posts too, they are perfect, little, real moments that you capture which are so special. Get well soon.

  • lauren

    Bugs are the worst… especially when your entire family gets it at once! Sending healthy vibes your way!

  • Caitlin

    beautiful. i love the wreath and your little baby birds.

  • Rachel

    I think everyone is sick right now. Which stinks because it’s right in time for the holidays. Love these bits and pieces! Thanks for sharing! Oh btw, loving your plum colored door! Hope everyone manages to stay healthy and Birdie starts feeling better soon!

  • Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

    my daughter and I were down with a tummy virus last week — pretty miserable but it was shortlived. More Bits & Pieces please! It was always one of my most favorite features on your blog. :) feel better soon!

  • Helen

    Hope you’re feeling better very soon, it’s no fun being ill, especially not this close to Christmas when there are things to be done still.
    I love that first picture of pouting baby Sailor- so sweet
    and I really like your wreath, it’s perfect with your purple door

  • Emily

    I think it was a mistake, but the keeping birdie hydrated pic is of the drink from your previous post – very funny but I’m guessing not intentional!

  • Claudia

    would you mind sharing where you got your white hanging fruit basket please? i have been searching for one for so long…
    hope you all get better soon!

  • nicole

    I hope you all feel better soon. Love the pics, and I really love your gorgeous wreath.

  • ryan

    We’ve got the same thing going around our house too :( I just got some elderberry extract but would love to hear if you found anything that you think really helped!

  • Mel

    some days ago i found your blog and i really have to say that i’m in love with your photography! please never stop blogging! <3

  • becca waterloo

    feel better dear! it’ll all be over soon… that’s good you’re able to rest so much! love the pictures

  • bridget

    your supplements picture might as well have been mine. i’ve been doing the same rounds! hope you all get well soon. xo.

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