“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

julian: a big mug of hot cocoa.
milla plum: shaking presents under the tree. i loved to do that when i was a girl, too.
birdie: her hair has gotten so long.
sailor: the sweetest blue eyed baby boy.

only one more week to go! so crazy. many of you have asked if i am going to do something special with the photos that i have taken of the kids over the past year. i plan to, yes. i am thinking of making them into a book of sorts. our very own little family coffee table book perhaps. i will be sure to share with you once it is complete. many of you have also asked if i plan on carrying on with this photo project into the new year. i think that i will. i was looking through the photos from week one until now earlier and it was so beautiful to see the slight changes week to week and the memories that come along with each photo. i may do a different spin on it, but i will definitely be taking weekly photos again.

in other news, we are all feeling better, just in time for christmas! thank you for all of the well wishes. we are seriously behind with christmas wrapping and cookie baking though, so i better run and get to work.


  • Juliette Laura

    So glad you are feeling better! And I am excited you plan on continuing the project. I think these are my favorite posts you do. Love the christmas tree photos, birdie looks like a ballerina, and sailors eyes are unreal!
    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Ashley

    Glad you are going to continue, I love this series.
    I shot my husband this year, but next year am considering doing something different as well… maybe the kiddos… but it feels like I’m photographing them all the time anyway. To be continued…
    Here’s mine this week: http://www.thestorkandthebeanstalk.com/portraitseries51/
    Glad you’re all feeling better.

  • kelly rae

    lovely photos :) Hope you guys have a lovely Christmas!

  • jennifer

    I’ve loved the series and I am going to do something similar this coming year too.
    xoxo from san francisco and have a wonderful holiday.

  • jenna

    such a beautiful family james! i’m looking forward to doing this project myself with the coming new year. have a merry christmas!

  • tRiSh

    such sweet captures!

  • Tracy

    glad you’re on the mend! I can’t believe how much the kiddos have grown!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS xo

  • fernandetfirmin

    Sailor’s change is unbelievable but kind of normal because of the young age. But the change that is the most interesting to look at is the Julian and Plum’s one. Much more discrete but yet very important. In the way they look at the camera, what they actually do in the pictures, you can see a little bit of their personality evolve with time …

  • Danielle

    Glad you and your family have a healthy holiday to look forward to. Merry, merry Christmas! xo

  • Randi

    I truly loved this project. Such a great way to remember your kids and every day moments at the end if each year. I plan on doing this this year! Is that weird? So sorry if it is… I’m totally snatching your idea, but it’s such a good one that I want it for my own family memory box.

  • Jane

    I think the most striking change is with Sailor. What a beautiful family!

  • Helen

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, this has been such a lovely project and would be so nice bound into a book

  • Jenny

    Ahhh…so good news! I am so glad!
    I wish you and your lovely family a wonderful christmastime with much love and fun!
    many hughs

  • Wren

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to carry through with this into the new year. I didn’t catch this series until a few months ago, but I’ve loved seeing photographs of you family. They are so adorable. :)

  • Sylvie

    i love love love that project, i’m glad you decided to carry on with this for next year.
    merry christmas to you all!

  • lena

    Am really looking forward to more wonderful, beautiful pictures of your lovely family! Really love this project of yours, though i’ve only been following this half of the year!
    Your kids have really grown so much, wow!
    Have a very Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  • nikki

    gorgeous kiddos! sailor is just so handsome

  • Laura Cristina

    You should put them together in a little video!! It would be a fun way to see how much they’ve changed this year!! I absolutely love this project and i really hope you continue with it ;)

  • Martha

    Totally thinking of doing this next year, I’ve loved seeing the blogs that kept it up :)

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