NAME / OCCUPATION: elise joseph of pennyweight / fashion and lifestyle blogger, stylist, shop curator.

currently working on: pursuing my dream of opening a brick and mortar shop… hoping to announce some exciting more details soon! and traveling as much as possible this year.
spartan by olo. i’ve recently transitioned into this fragrance for fall and winter, as it has warmer notes of sage, pine, juniper and leather. a welcomed change after my light summertime go-to, chloé.
mario badescu kiwi face scrub. i try to exfoliate 2-3 times of week to naturally brighten up my skin.
sugar lip polish. oftentimes i tend to forget my lips, but this treatment leaves them soft and smooth every time.
oribe aprés beach. my hair tends to get really dull this time of year, and this makes it shiny and perfectly messy and textured.
white cloverine petrolatum salve. when my hands or cuticles are feeling extra dry, i smother them in this wintery salve. it’s also great for lips!
nars blush in taos – desert rose. a hint of soft and warm color on my cheeks goes a long way.
lavender organic bar soap. i love a good ole bar of soap, and this one is gentle on my skin. the relaxing lavender scent is a new favorite.
guerlain maxi lash. i don’t wear a lot of makeup in the summer, but i always need an extra pop during the cold (and pale) days. this mascara is a lifesaver.
opi samoan sand. a good nude nail color never goes out of style. i’ve returned to this same color for almost ten years!
coconut oil. not only great for cooking, i’ll use this stuff in my hair, on my skin, to remove makeup… the list goes on and on. it is truly magic!
WHAT PRODUCT/S CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? my hot tools round blow dryer brush. it makes me laugh but seriously blows out my hair soft and smooth each time… a normal blow dryer tends to make it frizzy and huge.
FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP FOR YOUR GOODS? i try to load up on products when i’m at the salon, and i’m embarrassed at the amount of money i spend at sephora each month. it’s a weakness.
BEAUTY SECRET? it’s no real secret – but cold, fresh cucumber slices or luke warm tea bags on my eyes help reduce puffiness after a late night.
vanity project and illustration by alessandra olanow.


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