here are a few photos from our halloween. sailor was fozzie bear, plum was rainbow dash from my little pony,julian was waldo and birdie was a kitty cat. we had to go trick-or-treating last night due to thunderstorms and a tornado warning the night before, but no one seemed to mind. it was such a fun couple of halloween filled days. i especially enjoyed looking at all of the costumes on instagram. so entertaining. i also enjoyed looking at the hashtag #miley on twitter halloween night. really funny stuff.

we're taking this weekend easy to nurse a couple of colds that are still lingering through the house. i would love to hear some of the creative costumes you saw this halloween was. it'll give us some good ideas for next year. have a great weekend.


  • Erin

    Your kids are too precious! Now I’m off to go browse hashtags….

  • Mareen [eeny]

    cute costumes. i always thought waldo is a fun costume.

  • cortney

    oh man, everybody looks great! we tried to put our almost two year old in a cookie monster costume and she was not having it. we figured we’ll start trick or treating next year when she’s a little older. instead we went out to our favorite taco joint and dressed her in head to toe denim with chucks and told everybody who asked that she had on her canadian tuxedo.

  • Lindsey

    Great costumes! Our Halloween was postponed too, and while the kids were disappointed, we all agreed last night was much better weather for it.
    Our favorite of the night was a robot made from a box and battery operated rope lights. It was like a little light show, and he seemed to be having a great time. His mom told us that he and his dad designed it themselves and made it a fun project over the last several weeks. I’m sure it was so exciting to him to have so many people fawning over his amazing creativity!

  • Maddox

    I love all those costumes, but my favourite one is Julian beeing Waldo! Such a good idea, looks like he jumped right out of the book! Hope you had a lot of fun trick-or-treating around!

  • Leen Philips

    This is so cool, especially the waldo-outfit!

  • Lila Brasil

    Here in Brasil doesn’t exist the trick ou track tradition, but the kid usually get dress some costumes.. so, after my 6 years old son’s teacher dont let him goes to school dressed like Iron Man, I became furious and said to her that in USA any costumes is valid. So we go out with other 3 girls friends, and my 3 boys, and their mothers (2 friens of mine), dressed like they want, and goes to Burger King eat Icecream… and them, we goes to park play with kids…. so, was funny…

  • MissM

    My favorite was on Girlsgonechild: Jordan Catalano, Angela Chase and little Bo as Brian Krakow. So awesome!!! :-)

  • Marjolein

    Wow! These pictures are amazing! You all look so cute if I may say so haha! Great post!

  • Tori

    Birdie is so freaking funny! Great costumes! I especially love Julian’s…easy to put together and everyone knows who he is!
    Much love,

  • LiluKa

    Meeeeooooow is cute! :D
    My daughter was a cat, my husband was Clark Kent Superman and I was a thief. In Poland, we don’tt celebrate Halloween, but we changed for good fun :)

  • Joann @ Woman in Real Life

    They look so cute! My favourite costume that I saw was a tiny little Darth Vader. Things are just cuter when they’re tiny!

  • Alia (Simple Savvy)

    i love the fozzie bear costume and Julian is so tall and skinny, he makes the perfect where’s waldo.

  • Malina Arp

    Thank you for these pics! We didn´t celebrate halloween this year either, it´s just not that big here in Sweden. But hey why should that stop me? Now I got so inspired from everybody´s blogposts and instagrams about Halloween that I will do my own party next year ;-)
    Love/ Mia

  • Jessica Lee Hart

    Cutest costumes… Where’s Waldo?! is awesome :)
    The Way to My Hart

  • tinajo

    They are super cute! :-)

  • shetalks

    If you want to see a creative costume…my son fully committed to his character by shaving half his head! He is 11 and it was all his idea :)

  • shetalks

    My son had this idea for months…he was extremely committed and even sacrificed his precious hair! Check it out…it is priceless :)

  • Lulu

    Aww Birdie as a kitty is super cute!!
    Lulu xx

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