we went up to chicago last week for a five days. i had a some work up there and so we decided to stay a few extra days to spend time with our friends matt and stevie and their baby boy and to see my cousin lizzie who i adore. stevie and i were pregnant at the same time with due dates only a week apart. our boys also share a name, rhodes, which neither of us knew at the time. i think it’s pretty special given that rhodes is such a unique name. sailor’s middle name is rhodes for those of you who don’t know. those two boys are the best of friends. it’s really cute…








































we had an amazing time like always, but this trip was extra special because julian and milla were there with us. it was their first time and they both fell hard for all that chicago has to offer. julian’s favorite part was the bean. he was so excited to see it. milla’s favorite part was just the whole experience. i asked her to elaborate and she said “just the whole thing. everything. the good food, all the cool things to see, the bean, the cool stores. everything.”

we went to a few of our regular hang outs and checked out a few new ones. heritage, our favorite coffee/bicycle shop opened up a collective studio with our friends matt and stevie. it’s a milk and cookie bar, photo studio, kids bike shop and smilebooth chicago headquarters. it’s the cutest little spot and they have tiny linus bikes there. i fell in love with them and am thinking that one will make a nice christmas or birthday gift for birdie in the future. she’s still a little small for a bike like that. we went to an incredible restaurant and bar called parson’s for dinner one night. it was so good. they have this insane pimento toast that is seriously one of the best things i have ever tasted. i crave it already and can’t wait to go back. do yourself a favor and go if you are in the windy city. i have a feeling you’ll thank me. we also went to the land of nod headquarters while in town. i had a meeting with them about some up and coming projects and of course my kids were in heaven. the store is gorgeous and the kids have officially started their christmas lists thanks to the massive toy selection. it was a really great trip. we are home now for the holidays and i am happy about it. it’s been a busy year and i look forward to relaxing a bit.

thanks matt and stevie for snapping a few of these photos for us.


  • Laura Bear

    Looks like a SUper awesome trip! I live a few doors down from Parsons <3 Logan Square really is the best neighborhood in chitown right now! <3

  • Ági

    I totally wanna have bangs now, you’re sooo very inspiring, James, I hope you know that. :) Amazing pics btw, huge hug from Hungary :)

  • laura

    Looks like it was a great trip! Love Julian and Milla in that bus – too cute.

  • Wendy

    Love all of the great photos you guys took while visiting my town. :) So wish I could have made it to Madewell. Love that you got a shot of the church by Heritage. Somehow I only just noticed that gorgeous church two months ago. Isn’t it crazy how during the hustle and bustle of city living you stop noticing certain things/places?

  • Lulu

    Looks amazing! Wonderful photos!
    Lulu xx

  • Joann @ Woman in Real Life

    Oh gosh, the photos are gorgeous…and I need me some nice big windows like your friends’ windows. It’s depressing trying to take pictures around here. No sunlight, small windows. ;)

  • shayla

    that apartment is beautiful! and so is your family! and so is chicago!

  • Jade Sheldon

    Well, now I really need to get myself to Chicago…

  • Amanda Mitchell

    i LOVE the photo of you swinging Birdie :)

  • Sonia

    Such lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful trip.

  • Katherine

    Would be good if you put captions with some of the photos – looks like some funny business was going on in a couple with the kids! :)

  • emily

    do you know where your friends got their throw pillows and rug? I’ve been looking for some good ones! We need a new rug around here.

  • Alex

    I always think of the “bleubird” family when I hear the shins songs “new slang.” I love both.

  • Katie @ Life With The Crew

    The Milk and Cookie Bar looks awesome – love all of the little bikes (you can’t go wrong with some sweets)! My little girl has the same hand knit jacket as your cousin’s little man, with the embroidered llamas on it (but in pink of course). Never been too excited to go to Chicago, but looks like a fun city.

  • Jennifer

    A milk and cookie bar, whaaat!
    xo Jennifer

  • linniejoyc@aol.com

    Lovely shots, looks like you guys had tons of fun in the windy city!

  • Victoria

  • Jackie O.

    So funny. I know baby Rhodes, but not his parents. Hah. I met him while out with my baby and he was out with his babysitter. I thought it was super cool of her to wear him instead of push him in a stroller. Other crazy part is my old apartment is *almost* in the photo of Julian and birdie walking in the crosswalk(right up to my bank). Small world! Do people ever stop you and tell you that they read your blog? If I had seen you while you were here, I would have. Would that have been weird?

  • Jenny

    thats the most beautiful family pics I’ve ever see! the pic in the milk and cookie bar is so adorable and I love the bean too. I hope I can see this place in real anytime too! so so nice pics!!!!
    xo Jenny

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