hey guys! i want to introduce you to a new column here on the blog and a new contributor. please say hello to ashley rose. she is insanely creative and specializes in all things diy! she writes a fantastic blog called sugar and cloth that is jam packed with beauty and inspiration. you should check it out. i am thrilled to have her be a regular contributor for the new "make this" series on bleubird. we wanted to kick off her first post with something fun and with baby sailor's first birthday being today, we decided to make some adorable mini party hats for the celebration.



you will need:

  • hole punch
  • paper mache party cone or premade party hat
  • elastic banding
  • fabric of your choice (you’ll need at least a
    16×16 in. piece to work with per cone)
    download template here.
  • tacky glue
  • foam brush (optional)
  • scissors
  • felt balls
  • hot glue gun


step one –  cut your cone
down to 5.5 inches tall (4.5in will also work for this tutorial and template).

step two – hole punch two small holes on opposite sides of the

step three – print out the oversized cone template (or if you’re a
craft wizard, you can wing this step), and trace it onto your fabric. making a
cone template that is about one and half times the size of the original cone
will make sure that you have plenty of excess fabric to wrap the entire cone

step four – cut out the trace template from the fabric, and wrap it
around the cone to ensure it’s large enough to cover everything.


step five – using tacky glue, glue the top corner of the fabric
cutout across the top of the cone and down over the other size as shown. this
will make sure you have a seamless point at the top. TIP: when gluing you can use the foam brush to spread out the glue
so it’s not clumpy underneath the fabric!

step six – cover the cone in glue and fold the sides in and around
the cone one at a time, making sure to pull the fabric tight so it doesn’t
create ripples.

step seven – once the cone is completely covered, snip lines
periodically in the excess fabric at the bottom so that the fabric lays smooth
to the inside of the cone, then glue it down.


step eight – using the tip of your scissors, make a small hole in the
fabric where you’re pre-punched holes were. now, knot a strand of the elastic
banding through holes on each side. you can make the band as long or as short
as you need to fit as needed, but be sure to place the knots on the inside of
the cone so they don’t show.


step nine – hot glue two felt balls to the outside, and now you’re
ready to party!

for the
over-achievers – you can make a paper cone just a tiny bit smaller than the
original for the hat to make a patterned interior. simply cut, glue, and place
it inside

project & photos by: ashley rose of sugar and cloth, for bleubird.


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