Aubrey and I rarely get out of the house together, without the kids. In fact, we have only done so twice since we moved here to nashville, six months ago. it’s not easy finding the time or the energy to have regular date nights, but it is important. sometimes you have to get creative when time, exhaustion and money are issues. here’s a fun idea for a romantic date night in, on a budget. grab a blanket, dim the lights and have a living room pizza picnic by candle light.

what to wear and what to do (in no particular order) … one. pick up your favorite bottle of wine.  two. throw on a cozy top.  three. light a candle.  four. pull on your favorite jeans.  five. dress it up with some simple jewelry.  six. find a good record.  seven. pull on some comfy socks. skip the shoes.  eight. turn on the record player.  nine. order a pizza.

how often do you get out, just the two of you? do you date night at home?


  • sarah

    Gainsbourg ? hummmm trés bon choix (et je ne dis pas ça par ce que je suis française) ;-)

  • Christie

    Our son is 10 months old and we have had two date nights since he was born… We need to step up our date night game! Our best friends are getting married tomorrow night… I can’t wait to get out with my man. Thanks for this post. It reminded me how important it is to make the time, even if we’re not getting a sitter

  • Anna B

    We have date night at home once a week. No phones, no computers no tv- just us and some good food and wine. It’s my favorite night of the week!

  • Valentine

    How comforting to read that we are not the only couple in the world who aren’t going out on a date without the kids! Here (we are french) family and friends are looking at us like we were martians! Thanks for the post and the ideas ;)

  • Amanda

    We haven’t had a date night since January! I think we might have to try this tonight ;)

  • Melissa

    we have our first baby on the way, so lately we haven’t gone out much. I’ve been pretty tired. our favorite dates are sunday morning brunch dates for some huevos rancheros, coffee and bloody marys at this texas-style restaurant in our favorite neighborhood- especially this time of year! for nighttime dates, we typically stay home and get takeout and watch a movie. I love nothing more than being cozy on the couch with my soon-to-be hubs and our cats haha :) I’m sure that’ll all change when the babe is here in February! we’ll have to learn how to squeeze time in for us.

  • Jez

    I’ve been a fan of your blog on and off for a few years now and I honestly LOVE how family is seriously the center of your universe. Anyone can tell those kids and hubby are your whole world. When I have a family, I hope the love I have for them pours out of me as it does out of you!
    My boyfriend and I are often tired during the week. He works until 8 or so and I work until 6. So by the time we have our weekly “date” night ( we don’t live together and so we make sure to have 1 or 2 date nights during the week) we’re tired. We found a routine that works for us. We usually go to his place, order take out from a new place we’ve never tried, and put on a movie or show according to our mood. Always a bottle of our favorite wine.
    It’s seriously inexpensive and a great way to spend time together. I say inexpensive because we live in NYC…

  • Jen

    Hope to win!

  • kerri

    you’re a f&*$%&ing genius. ♥

  • Jody

    i’m hooked now because of you on the amazing sounds of Serge Gainsbourg. Thank you. again ;)

  • Three Theory Blog

    I love a good date night in. This is a wonderful idea for saving money, but still doing a few special things to spice it up. It’s crazy how a few little added things, like lighting a candle and putting a good record on can set a different mood!

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