Aubrey and I rarely get out of the house together, without the kids. In fact, we have only done so twice since we moved here to nashville, six months ago. it’s not easy finding the time or the energy to have regular date nights, but it is important. sometimes you have to get creative when time, exhaustion and money are issues. here’s a fun idea for a romantic date night in, on a budget. grab a blanket, dim the lights and have a living room pizza picnic by candle light.

what to wear and what to do (in no particular order) … one. pick up your favorite bottle of wine.  two. throw on a cozy top.  three. light a candle.  four. pull on your favorite jeans.  five. dress it up with some simple jewelry.  six. find a good record.  seven. pull on some comfy socks. skip the shoes.  eight. turn on the record player.  nine. order a pizza.

how often do you get out, just the two of you? do you date night at home?


  • Jesse

    there is nothing like getting a little mental escape together thought. our last date night was one of my faves in awhile:

  • Leslie

    Super comfy outfit! I love date nights in. Sometimes it’s better than going out! :)

  • Heather

    Date nights in are the best!!! My husband and I do one atleast once a week.. we work different shifts so it’s not always easy to get out together but in is always an option!
    This sounds like a super romantic date night in!

  • Meg

    Great ideas, minus a white top with red wine ;) haha

  • Marie

    Just a simple lunch/dinner with my hubby is great! I love all our date morning/afternoon/nights. Lol.

  • Emily

    Loved this!

  • Marie

    that’s a relly good idea^^ I take note…!

  • Kimber

    we are always trying to figure out how to do date night now that we have a baby. it’s hard! especially not living near any family. but also..question…how do you do the little collage thing for your blog? I have started a blog as well (just like everyone else on planet earth it seems) and am trying to figure out if there is a way to do it without Adobe.

  • Alexa

    sweet idea! i’ll tuck this away for one day :)

  • Julie Kure Larsen

    I love the idea of making a home-date-night! We have two kids and no family in town to help babysit, so we don’t get out much just the two of us. Last time we went out for a date night was on my 30th birthday about a month ago. We went to City House in Germantown and had an amazing night, just having a simple dinner, wine and great conversation… uninterrupted by kids :-) That almost never happens.

  • Jennifer

    We have pizza night in Canada on Friday night and it is very similar to your scenario.
    We make a couple of wheels, one for the kids who go to bed soon after, and then we save the other for us.
    Date night pizza: arugula, fontina, buffalo mozz, and prosciutto
    Wine has to be a good investment bottle, lately that is a California cab
    Even though it is most often a date night on top of laundry and noisy toys, its always so SO nice and necessary to carve out some time to catch up with your lovah at the end of the week!

  • Hannah Faith

    My husband and I will make a fancy dinner and eat it by candle light in the living room :) always with wine and always followed by a Doctor Who marathon! Good for you guys carving out some time for yourself :) cheaper than a night out too!

  • Sarah Kyle (Lady Go Lightly)

    This is the perfect date night in combo. We’ve been making an effort to have some sort of a date every friday. Last Friday we went all out and took a one night trip down to Portland and it was perfect, but an easy date night without going anywhere sounds fabulous. We will definitely try it one of these weekends (and have my mom take the little guy!) Thanks for sharing.

  • Jade Sheldon

    My favorite date nights are ones like this.

  • Joann @ Woman in Real Life

    All sounds great to me! I can’t be bothered going out most of the time. ;)

  • Taylor

    I love the idea of a cozy date night at home! It’s often the approach we follow since getting out isn’t always an option with our hours.


    A few doors down from us lives the sweetest 14 year old, and every second Thursday night she comes over to look after our son. My son is a shy and anxious child, so we actually started this mostly as a way to encourage him to deal with space away from me. So they eat junk food and he is not put to bed – they watch looney tunes on the ipad, and my husband and I walk into the nearby town to the wine bar – eat some dinner, share some wine, then walk home beneath the stars. Then The babysitter walks a few doors home, and Arlo tells us how much fun Emma is, but that we should stay in too. These nights are great – my husband and I flick right back into the groove of being madly in love – having a child can be so tough, but on these nights it is amazing to know our love has grown, not diminished, not stayed the same.

  • charity

    this is totally my favorite kind of night in! pizza = life.

  • Jennifer

    Looks perfect!
    xo Jennifer
    p.s. Check out my Chicastic giveaway!

  • Cristina

    I love these kinds of date nights! Give me a bottle of wine, pizza, and a movie. Heck yes.
    That top is very cute! I’d just be a little scared about getting the aforementioned food items on it. ;)
    The Rambling Fangirl

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