Aubrey and I rarely get out of the house together, without the kids. In fact, we have only done so twice since we moved here to nashville, six months ago. it’s not easy finding the time or the energy to have regular date nights, but it is important. sometimes you have to get creative when time, exhaustion and money are issues. here’s a fun idea for a romantic date night in, on a budget. grab a blanket, dim the lights and have a living room pizza picnic by candle light.

what to wear and what to do (in no particular order) … one. pick up your favorite bottle of wine.  two. throw on a cozy top.  three. light a candle.  four. pull on your favorite jeans.  five. dress it up with some simple jewelry.  six. find a good record.  seven. pull on some comfy socks. skip the shoes.  eight. turn on the record player.  nine. order a pizza.

how often do you get out, just the two of you? do you date night at home?


  • Desiree Fawn

    Sometimes we do! It’s usually a dinner and cuddles on the couch while watching Netflix, but it works! :)

  • petal and plume

    now that is my kind of date night!

  • Amber

    Serge Gainsbourg is perfect date night music! My husband and I love him.

  • Grace Rose

    I absolutely love the idea of a date night at home <3

  • Leah

    we don’t have kids (yet…) so we’re able to go out often, but sometimes there’s nothing better than staying in, getting comfy and enjoying each other’s company without all the noise (+ fat bill). this sweet and intimate night in sounds like perfection, and you don’t have to worry about driving home after a glass or two, or four…
    love your blog james.

  • Helen

    I love that top and this sort of relaxed date night sounds lovely

  • Nikki

    love this post! seems like the equation for a perfect date night. me and my boyfriend do this all the time! :)

  • Charlotte

    We don’t have kids so obviously it’s easier to get out, but I actually find date nights in like this one to be the most romantic x

  • becca waterloo

    I love this! Our favorite date night in is watching episodes of our current tv show we’re into. (right now it’s twin peaks.) usually the menu is chinese food ordered in, chicago pizza, or some kind of comfort food.

  • Rachel

    Money is always the issue so date nights are rare. If we do go out it’s normally to sushi or something along those lines. Sometimes we have nice “stay in” dates where we drink wine and watch a movie. Sometimes we even do puzzles. Sounds very geriatric but it’s actually quite fun!

  • Sally

    Yep, this sounds like perfection to me! We try to go out occasionally but honestly much prefer nice food at wine at hom! Loving the bracelet!

  • Kelsey

    This is one of my favorite things to do!! My husband and I actually did a date night in last weekend. I don’t think we have gone out on a date in a year!!

  • Jane Y.

    sounds like a sweet date night :)

  • Ashley Smith

    We do the every weekend! We do add a rented movie in the mix too!

  • dani

    So cute! I’m having my own date night in tonight… roasting a chicken and popping in a funny movie! Sometimes we have more fun staying home in sweatpants :)
    <3 dani

  • Denise

    I love everything about this post … especially that you like Serge. We listen to him all the time, even when we go camping!

  • MissM

    We have two kids and rarely go out on our own. When we do, we go for lunch at our favourite vegan cafe or to the movies. But we haven´t been in forever. A date night at home sounds like a great idea!

  • Kelly Rae

    I think it can be incredibly hard to get out the house for a date. I don’t really like the idea of babysitters so sometimes when our parents in town we can sneak away for a little bit. I love the idea of date nights at home though.

  • rachel

    10- pound coffee so you don’t fall asleep when you finally get the opportunity to actually hang out with each other.

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