i couldn’t be more excited about this new series that i have been putting together over the past few months. there are so many incredibly talented and inspiring folks out there, many of whom i feel lucky enough to call friends like hannah here. my hope is to tell an inspiring story of the maker behind their craft. i will give you an intimate, personal look into their lives. i will show you a day in the life, while they are hard at work, using their hands, in their element, mess and all. i am hoping they will inspire you as much as they have me and also introduce you to some beautiful handmade goods.

hannah ferrara is the brilliant maker and artist behind one of my favorite jewelry lines, another feather. she makes everything by hand in her small home studio in asheville, north carolina. here is a look into her day as a maker…


















how did you get into jewelry making?

i went to school for fine art, and after getting bored with painting i switched to metalsmithing and jewelry design with a focus in fibers and textiles then jumped in feet first. i feel really blessed that i’ve been able to make jewelry full time ever since.

what is it about your craft that appeals to you?
i get to constantly work my hands almost every day, and there’s nothing that makes me more content.

how would you describe your line?
jewelry for the non-jewelry wearer. the pieces i make are everyday staples that are simple and can comfortably be worn every single day while still being interesting in shape and design.

what does a typical day look like for you?
wake. early morning is spent making coffee, having quiet time, yoga, then into the studio to begin making jewelry for most of the day. everyday is a little different especially when i working on multiple projects, or designing a new line. we break for chocolate in the afternoon and if i’m lucky i end on a bike ride along the river and a meal with my husband.

tell us about your background, before another feather?
i have a BFA in jewelry metalsmithing and then fibers and textiles. i also have a BA in art education. these are all things i continue to dabble in, though now the majority of my time is dedicated to jewelry.

what do you do outside of jewelry making?
i love to be outdoors, swimming in rivers, riding my bicycle, traveling whenever i can. i also really enjoy baking and making meals for friends. i work with kinfolk hosting and planning workshop events and gatherings which has been a really nice excuse to step outside the studio and collaborate with a number of talented folks.

visit anotherfeather.com
photos by emily suzanne mcdonald for bleubird.


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