we made a pound cake yesterday. it smelled amazing, it had great flavor and was fairly was easy to make, but it was really dry and heavy and hard like it's name. pound cake. i really don't blame the recipe though. i have a feeling our oven is a little off. i have had this feeling for awhile now. it seems like cook times take a lot longer than they should and sometimes the oven just shuts off, which of course can make baking quite a challenge. i'm anxious to try this cake again in the near future, in our new kitchen. it's equipped with top of the line, pro appliances. something that we are not accustomed to and i cannot wait to get in there and get to baking and cooking.

we made tish boyle's plainly perfect pound cake from the cake book.


  • Sarah

    Awww, what a bummer! I’m sad that your Sunday cake ritual didn’t go to plan. Pound cake is great for using in a trifle, nonetheless. Maybe it’s not a total wash, right?

  • Marie

    Pound cakes are tougher compared other cakes.. I never quite liked it. Haha. Hope your 2nd pound cake will be softer and better! ;)

  • Inna

    Bummer! I hate when that happens. But smear some butter or jam on it and I’m sure it’ll be amazing anyway. Xo Inna

  • Alice {sweet dreamer}

    This is my favorite weekly post on your blog. Even when you have flops, they still look divine!!

  • amber

    Bill Granger’s Lemon Pound Cake is amazing! Just for something different ;)

  • heather m

    Oh dear. At the moment I’m taking a quick break from writing essays, and seeing pictures of pound cake (even if it’s dry!) is making me want to ignore my work and start baking. Mmm. I think the main reason I’ve never really gotten into cooking or baking is the fear that it won’t turn out brilliantly every time. But you’re right. Who cares! Just try again.

  • Pamela Stein

    Man, it stinks when that happens. But hey, that means it can only get better, right? :) Lots of hugs from our little tribe here. We’re faithful followers. :D

  • Neiry

    Simple fix: get an oven thermometer. This way you can see how far off your oven is to the desired temperature and adjust as needed. It’s one of the best tools you can invest in and not very expensive at all:) Hope this helps!

  • Suzanne

    Oh my gosh I made Tish Boyle’s pound cake 2 weeks ago and mine turned out really dry too!! I ended up throwing 3/4 of it away : (

  • this little mum

    Shame it wasn’t a total success. It looks good though!
    My Sunday cake this week was a banana loaf cake and I mentioned a cool tip for making it extra moist:

  • Mara

    Pro appliances aren’t always better though. Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they work great. My parents splurged on a real expensive oven and it cooks like CRAP. Recipes that always came out great before are totally screwed up and unevenly cooked, not to mention it takes forever to heat up. So yeah, bigger price tag, doesn’t always mean quality item. Just FYI. Really hoping your new appliances work the way they should!

  • crystaldel

    Sorry to hear that your oven affected your pound cake (which STILL looks yummy!!) and you have just made me want to dive into the kitchen to get my baking on! ;)

  • Tabitha

    Ovens! My parents have a terrible one, everything fails in that oven. My cakes always crumbled down and they were never really baked-through. I thought it was me, but now my cakes turn out all right. The pound cake looks great! Good luck on the second try.

  • Nicola

    It DOES make for awesome trifle. Try it layered with fresh cream, whole preserved green figs cut into chunks, loads of nuts and grated dark chocolate. OR fresh cream and strawberries and the grated chocolate. Mix a little rose water with either vodka (for the biggies) or plain water (for the littles) and sprinkle it over the pound cake before you start layering. it’s delicious.

  • Ashley

    Last weekend I went thrifting with my sister and found that exact pan, but it was a 9 by 9. I freaked out when I saw it because I thought it was so beautiful. Now I know someone else probably freaked out when they saw this beautiful pan and knew they just had to have it. I feel like I can justify my purchase even more now.

  • Rachael

    Not sure what I like the look of more: the pyrex dish, the cake, the plate…?x

  • mary @ B&Gjournals

    love this tradition of yours…and yikes, shutting off sporadically? that can definitely make baking plans much tougher!

  • Mia

    You must try swedish kladdkaka, it is divinely, heavanly, delicious swedish sticky chocolate cake. Made even more delicious with a good shake of pure icing sugar and served with a generous dollop of cream. To be devoured slowly.
    I found a nice english version here:

  • Jojo

    I’ve never made pound cake and I am SO looking up that cake book you mentioned! Sounds great! Even if it was dry, it looks simply amazing!

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