julian and plum came home today. since they were not here during christmas, we had a little celebration for them when they arrived this afternoon to see what christmas gifts santa had brought them while they were away.

afterwards we went on a family walk so they could take their new scooters for a test drive and landed at the park before heading home for dinner.





i am so happy to have these two home. it's back to school tomorrow. we will be busy, busy, busy in these upcoming weeks. we decided on a house in nashville and are just waiting to hear back on our application. if all goes as planned we will be in our new home in just a little over a month. eek!

footnote: for those inquiring, the scooters are maxi kicks, birdie's is a mini kick. her helmet is a little nutty, nutcase helmet. sailor's stroller is a stokke.


  • Allison

    i’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now and each and every post you do continues to inspire mine. it’s just so wonderful and down to earth!!

  • susan

    how fun! my son & i love adventure time too ;)

  • Ella-Lauren

    That wrapping paper is gorgeous! So happy for you that your family is complete and whole again.

  • dear olive

    Wow, I cannot imagine how enormous that move will be for you! My daughter has the same spotty helmet. Kellie xx

  • Karen

    You guys are so lucky to have nice quiet wide streets to scoot on!
    We would get run over here if we tried the same!
    Birdie looks such a toot on hers x

  • Pink Ronnie

    How wonderful – so glad that they’re home with you!
    Ronnie xo

  • Ariel

    i always wanted a big family, looks like so much fun!
    & HOLY COW! i can’t believe the move is coming that fast! *crossing my fingers* everything goes smoothly for you guys! :)

  • Laura @ Laura Lite

    Love the stocking stuffers. Love the wrapping paper. :)

  • adela

    your blog makes me even happier whenever i read your posts! thank you very much for that… today i found i’m gonna have little baby girl in june and i cant stop thinking about your gemma bird! you are wonderful mother doing a great job. i hope to be at least half of such a good mother!
    thank you miss james for all your inspiration.

  • indreams

    i love that they are all wearing helmets!!! <3 (plus, those scooters look like the best presents ever?! geez. supermom!) :)

  • Esther

    Such precious kiddos! Best of luck on the new house. I hope you get to call it home soon!!

  • Emilia

    Oh my.. I really felt in love with your blog. Honestly, I had this strange happy feeling when I went through your beautiful pictures here. Your whole family is so beautiful and I got this feeling that you really love each others. <3
    Funny how I actually find your blog, maybe through some other blog or something.. I don’t even remember but I’m a follower now. I got so big inspiration from your pictures, all the colours and all those great vintage things.
    Greetings from Finland!

  • Taryn

    Lovely photos, as always. I would love to know where you found that speckled cowhide rug by your stairs. I’ve been searching for one just like that but I’ve had zero luck. Hope you can help me out!

  • Nikki Lawrence

    My 11yr old daughter is a HUGE fan of Adventure Time and as I was showing her Julians cool figurines…she immediately noticed he was wearing a hat like Finn. Wondering where you found it? Although….that said, we are up in Canada, and often don’t have access to all the cool things you folks south of the border do.

  • Nicole

    I think it’s great that your kids all wear helmets while riding their scooters. I see SO many kids without them, and I just hope that they don’t fall and hurt themselves.

  • kelly

    hello James
    do you sold your stokke ?
    Baby #3 is on the way & i’m looking for a second hand one
    here stokke & bugaboo are over priced

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