julian and plum came home today. since they were not here during christmas, we had a little celebration for them when they arrived this afternoon to see what christmas gifts santa had brought them while they were away.

afterwards we went on a family walk so they could take their new scooters for a test drive and landed at the park before heading home for dinner.





i am so happy to have these two home. it's back to school tomorrow. we will be busy, busy, busy in these upcoming weeks. we decided on a house in nashville and are just waiting to hear back on our application. if all goes as planned we will be in our new home in just a little over a month. eek!

footnote: for those inquiring, the scooters are maxi kicks, birdie's is a mini kick. her helmet is a little nutty, nutcase helmet. sailor's stroller is a stokke.


  • Olivia

    what a lovely start to the new year hey :)

  • Laser Pointer

    Very Nice Pictures! Have a good day!:) xx

  • marissa (stylebook)

    yay! we’re planning a little nashville weekend in march or april, so you’ll be there!

  • christina

    sending best wishes your way! congrats on a new adventure!!

  • Cookie

    so much excitement…….babies back, a house, enjoy!

  • Becky | lifestyleflash.com

    Fingers crossed for your new home!

  • Maëlia

    How exciting! Nashville! If you are moving to east Nashville and 5 points, I’m definitely dying of jealousy! Lucky you

  • marie

    love the photo of them riding on their scooters! Your children seem so close and happy together. Any tips for raising close and loving siblings? Would love to hear them :)

  • Katie

    Yay! I love your blog you have inspired me to create my own. As part of my new year’s resolution I am in training with Yoga to help my belly dance performance in May and I am also starting up a lifestyle blog and keeping in the mind set of making sure it is updated and maintained daily (or almost every day).
    I live in the south west of England, I was born and raised in the North West (near Manchester) but moved after my arts degree to live with my partner…I haven’t been able to spend Christmas with my parents and Sister. My partner and I are going up North for a week and basically having a second (late) Christmas with my family in February. Bought my mum an angel statue, my sis a topaz necklace and my 2 year old nephew a dinosaur backpack that turns into a prehistoric play mat! I am so excited!
    You are a very inspiring Lady Miss Bleubird and I love your children’s names!
    Much love to you and your family from Katie (South West, Plymouth, England)

  • Leticia

    can´t wait for the new photos of your dreamy perfect home!

  • Anna

    Congratullations and good luch!! and yes please show us the new photos!

  • Ida

    Your photos are amazing! How do you edit them?

  • antonia suzanne

    congrats on finding a home in nashville! although I will miss your houston related posts… I tried antidote right after seeing it on your blog and looooove going there now! My babes were away for christmas also but the night they returned it was christmas ROUND 2!

  • heather

    so sweet to have everyone together again :)
    and congrats on finding a place… fingers crossed!
    - heather

  • Bluebirdbaby

    hey there!
    someone pointed me to your blog because we have similar names :) birdie reminds me of my little one when she was younger. just thought i’d say “hey!”

  • Lulu

    How exciting for you with the move! Fingers crossed all goes well with your application. Cant wait to see your new place called home. Nashville is a pretty place to live, i wish we had places like that here in the UK. Have a great day with your big kids being back home :)
    Lulu xx

  • abigail

    i love coming to your blog. your posts are always filled with love! <3

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