julian and plum came home today. since they were not here during christmas, we had a little celebration for them when they arrived this afternoon to see what christmas gifts santa had brought them while they were away.

afterwards we went on a family walk so they could take their new scooters for a test drive and landed at the park before heading home for dinner.





i am so happy to have these two home. it's back to school tomorrow. we will be busy, busy, busy in these upcoming weeks. we decided on a house in nashville and are just waiting to hear back on our application. if all goes as planned we will be in our new home in just a little over a month. eek!

footnote: for those inquiring, the scooters are maxi kicks, birdie's is a mini kick. her helmet is a little nutty, nutcase helmet. sailor's stroller is a stokke.


  • olivia

    Such honest and candid photos- I love!

  • Rachel

    Awe, I’m glad to hear your family is together! These are great photos! Fingers crossed for your place in Nashville :)

  • mau

    Welcome back Mila and Julian! So nice to see you all reunited!

  • Mathilda

    I love your blog. And your house. So im so courios why are you moving? :)

  • rachel arnold

    yayy for the big kids being home, and double yay for finding a house in nashville!!!!!! xoxo!

  • Sarah

    Second Christmas is the best :) I can’t wait to see your new place! I bet it’s bright and beautiful :) Have a good day!
    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • Alice {sweet dreamer}

    Good luck with the move, James! x

  • Sarah Kyle

    welcome home kiddos! Wow, moving all the way to Nashville in a month, that is so exciting.

  • Sofia

    Glad to hear the kids are back! Good luck with your new home :) Would love to hear more about the move.

  • this little mum

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. And what exciting times ahead with your big move! I imagine there will be a LOT of packing with four kids! I only have little one but I am constantly amazed at how much stuff we have for her!

  • Happy morning

    I love your photos and Birdie’s scooter. :-) Good luck with the move.

  • Best of 2 Sisters

    Ahh, such a lot of fun and happiness in these photos, a perfect added Christmas bonus. Love Julian’s hat! Awesome. Best of luck with the move – exciting, busy, challenging and fun times ahead. xx

  • Laser Pointer

    “I love your blog. And your house.”me to!

  • freya

    Wow! A month!? So soon. I used to spend Christmas with my mum when I was little and then have a belated celebration with my Dad. It was really sweet because when we got to his apartment at like, 3 in the afternoon, he would make my brother and I put on our pyjamas and go to bed so that we could pretend to be asleep and then wake up to a pretend Christmas morning :) xx

  • Kim

    To see you all in those thin clothes…!! I wish we had such nice soft weather here in Amsterdam this time of the year.

  • Funky Fashion Family (France)

    I’m happy for you..just one month! Very Nice Pictures! Have a good day!

  • Amy from Hammering Notes

    Oh wow! Nashville! What an adventure. Must be so great to have all the family back together again x

  • icelollies

    I love the *trotinette*(in french)family….And the Stokke boy…the best car for him***
    Merveilleuse AnnĂ©e—love**

  • Pulse

    Love your blog James, it’s honest, sincere and shines trueness. Goodluck with your new home. I am sure it would come through.

  • Annie

    Love this! You must be so happy to have them home!
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get the house!
    Have a great day!

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