"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

julian: away in florida this week.
milla plum: away in florida this week.
birdie: vegemite toast is her favorite.
sailor: another furrowed brow from this small boy.

a long term photo series has been on my list of to-do's for some time now, but i couldn't bring myself to commit to a daily project in fear of failure. i decided to challenge myself this year, but i am starting small. i am participating in a simple 52 project of my children that jodi inspired me to take part in. much more realistic for me, and it serves a purpose that i will treasure always. even though i take many photographs of my kids, i don't always get around to capturing a photo of each of them, on their own, on a regular basis. this is a great way to document change and growth and will be fun to look back on when the year is done. a photo a week, times four. it's a lot of photographs when all is said and done. a little less than 208, only because julian and plum spend time away in florida a few times a year. i am confident that i can stick to it, every single week.

here are a few series from the past that i enjoyed from around the web: andrea did a gorgeous 365 photo project in back in 2008, that kind of set the tone for the rest of us. nicole did a polaroid project a few years back that was awesome, but i can no longer find a link to it. this 365 project is lovely. my husband started his own project a couple of years ago, but never completed it. and there's THIS, my all time favorite photo series that inspired me to create my own while i was pregnant with birdie.


  • Ruby Hoppen

    Oh Vegemite is my favourite too. Birdie has some good taste, Sailor is really turning into a real little dude hey?

  • Caroline

    I love little Sailor’s Marky Mark face :) Cute idea for a new series! It’s been so neat following some of my favorite blogger’s families grow over the years. Amazing how quickly life changes! Hope you all have had a nice new year’s so far.

  • Sarah

    I love this series. You are so dedicated to documenting their lives I’m sure it will get easier as the weeks go on. You go momma bird!
    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • Topsy Hendricks

    I’m so excited about all these new post series you’re doing!

  • Bianca

    American fans of Vegemite! I didn’t know they existed! I am Australian and I love Vegemite but have always wondered how parents get their children to enjoy Vegemite, because it is quite an unusual flavour. I am currently pregnant with my first child and Vegemite has been one of the foods I really can’t get enough of.
    This is such a lovely project you’re starting. I’m sure the results will be fascinating as you look back on 52 weeks worth!

  • marie

    That’s a great blog post series to stick to! Once a week, photos of your individual children. It’ll be fun to look back on it when they’re all grown up. :)
    Love the links btw, esp your husband’s one. There’s a few beautiful photos of your children. :)

  • Madelein - Mother of six

    I am giving my self a challenge aswell, all posts starts with the same word. It will be interesting to se if I can manage that for a hole year.
    Adorable, both your children. My youngest daughters name is Milla

  • Jade Sheldon

    I did a 365 & 52 weeks portrait project this past year. I think I might continue it into this year since I enjoyed having a time capsule of sorts to look back on. Definitely rewarding.

  • Pip

    Vegemite! And there’s my friend Ruby Hoppen up there in the comments too! Hello Birdie! Hello Ruby! Hello James! Looking forward to seeing your 52 unfold! xx

  • Karen

    We love marmite toast here too!
    Nom nom!
    Kisses from London for 2013 xx

  • Heather M

    Sweet project. My friend jessica did a painting a day from August of 2010 through August of 2011. Kind of unbelievable, and gorgeous. http://sealevelstudio.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html

  • Nell

    Yup Vegemite (or Marmite as we call it here in the Uk) on toast is my daughter Josephine’s favourite too. Beautiful photos – I’m going to start my own series today too :) Your pictures and kiddos are a beautiful as ever x

  • Emma

    Try Vegemite and avocado on toast. Delish! I have been thinking about doing a similar project. I better get cracking!

  • Victoria

    looking forward to seeing them grow each week, also doing the project.

  • Kara Rosenlund

    Love that Birdie loves Vegemite… how sweet, an Australian classic in your house. Love your household James. xxx

  • Zadin

    This sounds like a great project.

  • Jenny

    Yum! Vegemite – mine and my kids favourites too! We are kiwis so this is kinda mandatory ;)
    I’ve just started joining in with 52/ the portrait project too, such a fun way to capture lovely memories and milestones throughout the year.
    Love your blog
    Jenny x

  • Alexis H

    Thank you for this post! I followed your link to Pacing The Panic Room Blog & loved it! Though it seems to have been a little blank for some time, I was browsing. Which he made a reference to (go follow on Instagram) Denise Bovee, which is super awesome since she is a local photographer in the city where I live. Need I mention, thanks to Instagram I found your blog. Small world, or social networking world? I dont know, it just made me happy to see a little chain reaction thing going on here. Thank you for inspiration!

  • Charlotte

    Sailors grouchy little face gets me every time! He’s such a cutie, as is Birdie xx

  • Alexis H

    Here is my mini blog that’s just starting out.

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