another halloween has come and gone. this year wasn't strategically thought out and planned ahead of time like i try to do most years. i didn't sew any costumes, in fact costumes were kind of thrown together the day before. later that night we decided that it would be fun to bake pumpkin pies on halloween morning, so julian and i headed out to the market after the babies were in bed. we bought two cans of pumpkin, two can of condensed milk, two pie crusts and a few last minute things that were needed for costumes. the morning of we tried so hard to get everything done on our list of to-do's, but we were all so scattered that we didn't get to baking any pies. soon it was afternoon and there were still no pies. before we knew it six o'clock rolled around and our friends were arriving to go trick or treating. it was time for the main event. the sun was going down so i quickly rounded up each kid and snapped a few individual photos and then out the door we went. the camera stayed home.

we had an incredibly fun night enjoying our family, friends and neighbors. i love to see all of the creative costumes and the teeny tiny kiddos all dressed up. papa wore sailor while he slept the entire time, the big kids ran ahead with their friends and i helped birdie and her little pals trick or treat from house to house. we came back home and while the littles counted their loot, the adults had some wine and cut cake in honor of our friend elise's birthday. it was a late night. it was a great night.

i hope your halloween was spooky and fun. did you or your kids dress up?


  • Lindsay @ Darling Clementine

    we had another kitty in our house too! though Juliette had a teary breakdown at the thought of whiskers & a nose, so no face paint this year!
    ps. that last photo is a killer. love it.

  • Anna Z

    These pictures of your family are beautiful! What cute costumes. And the tiny mustache…hehe.

  • Amanda

    your children are so beautiful :) looks like you had a lovely holiday, mama!

  • Rachael

    Halloween is HUGE in my house. EVERYONE dresses up. At work I’m one of two people that get in the spirit. This year I was the Cheshire Cat. I did a blog post on a “how to” AND a time lapse video on me putting on my makeup.

  • ashley jennett

    I’m sure you get tired of hearing it, or maybe not, but little miss plum is so beautiful. And that last picture of little birdie is killing me. Here’s a link to what my kids wore:
    Happy Halloween mama!
    Ashley @ The Stork & The Beanstalk

  • Rachel

    Awe! Everyone looked awesome! Sounds like a great time was had by all! Xo

  • Ana F.

    omg plum looks stunning! that girl is going to be such a heartbreaker in her teen years!

  • Liz

    so cute!!
    giveaway ends tomorrow! check it out!

  • Esther

    I can’t believe how beautiful Plum is!

  • zayda

    that last picture of birdie is the cutest of them all… she look so excited :)

  • Ashley Wilson

    I’m with Esther–that Plum is growing into quite the beauty!! And she looks so much like you, it’s uncanny (i’m sure I said it a few posts back, but it’s still true!) My Halloween wasn’t nearly as fun as yours–I ate cookies for dinner and argued with my cats. Ah, the thrilling life of the single lady!

  • Hayley

    Aww so cute and looks like a lot of fun : ). Xx

  • Chelsea

    Where did you get that black and white blanket Sailor is on? It’s adorable. My kiddo slept through trick or treating.

  • Erika

    Love your shots. Sometimes not well planned turns out even better than expected. We dressed up but with thrifted DIY costumes. My oldest was sick so he stayed in while my youngest went out with Dada. I stayed in and drank rum cider with my girlfriend and handed out candy. Still a fun and festive time…our real party was on Saturday night before Halloween. Check out the blog for pics.

  • Lindsay Overbey

    They looked adorable :) We stayed in and I made chili. I bought a pumpkin pie and watched Practical Magic. We didn’t have one trick-or-treater :(

  • leah

    Plum is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful!! She really could be a model (but I’m sure you would never want her to be!!)

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