i have had a lot of requests for this post over the past six months. i procrastinated quite a bit with the baby boy preparation for a couple of reasons. one being that my hands are pretty full these days and time just kept slipping away from me, and two, i found that most of the baby boy stuff out there wasn't very cute. i was underwhelmed by my options and truth be told, i am not a huge fan of most vintage clothes and things for baby boys, so this was a tricky one to prepare for. in the end i noticed myself gravitating to a much more modern, neutral pallet. we don't have a lot here at the house as of yet, but we do have a few things. the others have been ordered and are on their way to us now. i am excited to really get started on this little mans space even if it is just a corner of the master bedroom. here is a list of some of the things we have found and love for our baby boy…


no. 01 / the pia wallen cross baby blanket. it's made of 100% ecological cotton in peru. i adore it and love the fact that it's not your traditional baby boy blanket. it will go perfectly with his plain white sheets for a clean, modern look. the blanket is bit on the pricey side. but if you don't plan on buying a crib bedding set like us, you may actually be saving a few bucks.

no. 02/ balthazar knit toy by luckyboysunday. i have been a huge fan of luckyboysunday creations since i was pregnant with birdie and i was so excited to get a couple of them for baby boy, especially this guy. he's perfect!

no. 03/ bloom alma crib. since we are sharing a room with baby boy until we move into a house with more space and more rooms, we needed something small and functional. the alma crib seemed like the perfect choice because it is not a full sized crib, it opens up so you can push it beside the bed for co-sleeping and it is made for small spaces.

no. 04/ sheepskin rug. every baby needs their own sheep skin. the perfect spot for lounging and napping. i highly recommend getting a couple.

no. 05/ stokke xplory stroller system. we traded in birdie's stroller for this new single model. i love how high up baby sits as opposed to being low to the ground like other strollers. it makes tending to baby much easier when out and about. i also like the fact that you can purchase the wheeled rider accessory so that older kids can hop on and go for a ride when their little feet get tired. we are also getting a double stroller for times when we need seating for two.

no. 06/ crane cool mist humidifier. a humidifier is always a must with a tiny baby. i really liked the design of this one and the fact that it is whisper quiet. most humidifiers are pretty loud.

no. 07/ chevron stripe zigzag handmade blanket by CT handmade. this blanket is beautiful, hand knit and ultra soft and cozy. perfect for those chilly months ahead and a handmade treasure to keep and cherish forever.

no. 08/ kidivist origami mobile. i fell in love with these unique handmade mobiles from berlin right when i first discovered i was pregnant. i knew that i needed one to hang above baby's crib.

no. 09/ gran black pillows by fine little day. i have a couple of these cute pillows that have made their way from room to room in our home over the past year or so. i snagged one and set it aside for baby boy's corner.

no. 10/ wooden waldorf teether by little alouette. passing this little wooden rattle down from bird to baby.

no. 11/ stokke tripp trapp high chair. we decided to get this high chair for gemma bird so we could pass the bloom highchair down to baby boy since it converts to a great newborn chair. my friend elise has a tripp trapp for her almost three year old son and they love it and talked me into getting one too.

no. 12/ babyhome dream cot. i bought this for the main floor in our home so that baby boy could rest and nap downstairs when needed. what i liked most was that you can change the feet to rock, roll or stay in place. i also like how deep it is and that the sides are solid as opposed to netted like some other baby travel cribs.

no. 13/ bloom fresco seat pads. we needed new pads for our bloom highchair because after a couple of years of use by birdie our old ones became pretty gross and dirty. new pads and a good scrub down and our highchair is as good as new.

no. 14/ bumgenius cloth diapers. i am super excited to get some new diapers for baby boy. they have some great new colors and prints. we still cloth diaper gemma bird most of the time and plan on cloth diapering baby through potty training as well. bumgenius is the best!

no. 15/ goat milk onesies. i love this line of organic cotton baby clothes. baby boy will be living in them for the first few months.

no. 16/ freshly picked moccasins. we love em'. birdie wears them and so will baby boy. you just can't beat these handmade leather mocs.

that's about it for now. of course we do have some other things on our list to purchase and a few more things that are on their way to us that i will share with you soon. i will also share the progress that i make on baby boy's corner as it starts to come together. 

*this is not a sponsored post. however, some of these items have been gifted to us. this post is meant to share with readers a handful of things that we found and like for our baby. they are items that we chose based on aesthetic and reviews and may not be every ones taste. to each their own.


  • Suzanne

    Great collage and excellent picks. What’s your birth plan for baby boy this time around – love to hear. Hope y’all are doing amazing!!

  • Lilly

    Very nice list, lots of stuff I love but some (like that blanket which is heaven) were just out of my budget. We also do have the Bloom high chair and it’s one of my favorite purchases because he can’t squirm in it the way he does in more open high chairs, worth the investment.
    It is tough to find fun stuff for boys but now that mine is 20 months I actually have embraced it and I’m thrilled that there’s not a pink sparkle in sight :) Wishing you an easy end to your pregnancy!

  • tooodayi

    I agree no. 12 is a good invention compared to other travel cots!
    I had the wooden rattle for my baby girl she didn’t like it at all
    I dont think its nice to bite something wooden.

  • audrinajulia

    Those are nice pieces.! It’s really hard to pick up something for boys rather than girls,and I’m quite sad then about it, so I stick to yellow, blue and green. You are great to come out with your finds.

  • Sarah Kyle

    I’m not a fan of baby boy vintage clothing either. I can’t wait to (hopefully!) have a baby girl one day so I can go all out. As for now, my adorable little Jude mostly has striped outfits and cute mocassins. His furniture is dark wood, I’m not crazy about it, but hey, it works.

  • Dyan

    Super cute stuff! But super expensive stuff for a baby that’s gonna grow out of them. But hey if you can pamper your baby with the best by all means!

  • Lindsay @ Darling Clementine

    James! This list is so inspiring!!! Love that #12! And my oh my the freshly picked mocs!!!!

  • Kirstin

    I totally agree! I’ll find out if I’m having a boy or girl for sure on Friday (!!!) but I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for having a boy by looking at clothing and decorations for boys (because, come on, girls are so easy!) just in case that’s how it turns out. There’s so much stuff out there that’s just pale blue and cartoonish trucks, but I loooove some of your picks.

  • Calliope

    That little boy (and all your other kidlings!) are oh so very lucky to have you!

  • Madeline

    Your taste is fabulous! I have a boy and a girl now, and though I thought a boy would be more difficult to find clothing for, I’ve actually had an easier time because there is more SIMPLE stuff for little dudes. Why must everything for girls have extra frills and designs on it? You know? Like, enough with the ruffles and kittens already. I actually buy a lot of boys clothing for my daughter that she then passes onto my son. It’s very cute and practical.

  • Coryann

    I have the Stokke Xplory and the Tripp Trapp and LOVE them! You won’t regret it : )
    Also, I have the Babyletto grayson mini crib that looks very similar to the Bloom Alma but, it’s half the price and still cute!

  • Megan Lane

    What an awesome list. Just bookmarked it for future reference :)

  • Vanessa {vanilla and rose}

    So many great finds! I can’t wait to have little ones of my own some day! I’m not sure if you’d be interested but I have a shop on Etsy. Right now I have crochet cloths and scarves but by the end of the month I’ll be adding baby blankets as well. If you want to check it out it’s:

  • Martha Frances

    This is one of my fave blogs for posts like these…thank you for taking the time to give a great description of all of these things. For me one of the best parts of thrifting and estate sale shopping is that I can choose to spend a bit more $ on quality things when I do need to buy them new. Our son also spent the first 18 months in a little nook of our room and I loved it b/c the small area was easily changed up as he grew and used new toys, clothes, etc. Love your IG photos :)

  • Camilla

    We have two tripp trapp – one for each child and we still use them eventhough the girls are 3 and 6 – they are just great

  • Valerie (all mussed up)

    I love the simple B&W palate, especially when baby is sharing your space. We live in a small studio-esque converted candy factory and I anticipate using some of the same tricks someday for baby Z.

  • Anita

    my bestfriend is having a baby, doesnt know yet if its a boy or a girl but im getting a lot of ideas from your posts! No16, sooo cute!!! congratulations!

  • Liv

    You must be so excited! I can’t believe your family is still growing! So wonderful.
    I just became an auntie yesterday to a little baby boy, so I love your suggestions in this collage.
    I might get him the little moccasins.

  • Olivia Ward

    oh how lovely, you’re making me broody!

  • Valentina Duracinsky

    This is a great list!
    Stop making me want a baby :P hahaha
    Love to all the family,

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