we are throwing birdie a little garden party tomorrow in honor of her turning two this upcoming monday. it will be very small and low key. we will bbq in the backyard and there will be a cake and close friends. oh and there will be bubble blowing. lots of bubble blowing. but most importantly, there will be a very happy almost-two year old girl. that's what matters most.

*lucille fox masks above from minikin. sent to birdie in honor of her birthday. thank you so much!


  • Kelly Vlass

    Wishing sweet Gemma the happiest birthday celebration ever! It’s been such a pleasure to watch her grow and change on your blog and IG over the last year. She is just a doll and I would greatly miss not seeing her beautiful face and unique spirit that you capture so perfectly in your photos. Have a wonderful day with your daughter, James!

  • Billie Jean

    These are the cutest masks!! Happy birthday Birdie!!

  • indreams

    amazing! wish miss birdie a happy turning-2-day. :)

  • tooodayi

    I’ll have to remember these masks for our next dress up parade or party!

  • Bibi

    Birthday wishes to Birdie!

  • Jesi Langdale-Anderson

    i just love low-key birthday parties, especially those involving small children. before you know it, the whole neighborhood invites their children and you have 50 crazed ‘young’ins’ to feed and entertain. definitely all for low key! my son will be turning two next march, yet already he is changing and growing up so fast. here is to many wonderful years watching your little bird grow!

  • Alexis S.

    Sending happy birthday wishes to your beautiful little girl! It sounds like you will have a wonderful celebration :)

  • Mariana

    So cute!
    Happy Happy Birthday, Birdie!!

  • Lulu

    Sending birdie many birthday wishes and have a great time. I love these masks! You have such beautiful children. It’s lovely to watch them all grow through your blog and IG. Truly inspirational to say the least :) xx

  • Magali

    Hello, I write you from south of France, I just find your blog, and I want to tell you that you have a lovely family, your kids are so kind, even your cat and your dog ! I love your vintage dresses. Happy birthday to your pretty little girl

  • Valentina Duracinsky

    How sweet!!
    Hope you guys have a lovely time.

  • rachel @ tea with lucy

    Simple birthday parties are the best birthday parties!
    I think two is the greatest, cutest, funniest age. I’m loving how entertaining my two year old is right now.
    rachel xo

  • rose eva

    What lovely masks! Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl :) x

  • marissa (stylebook)

    heading to the airport now. ;)
    love that bird! birthday kisses!

  • Alison

    Hi :)
    I discovered your blog about 1 week ago, and I’m now a huge fan !
    You have such a lovely family. I’m 22 years old, I’m french, and I think I would like to live my life like yours. It is so good to finally see what I would like to become.
    Thank you, and I wish a happy birthday to your sweet Bird.

  • Emily

    These past two years have flown by for me, I remember enjoying your maternity progression and it shocks me to realise that that was a whole two years ago now! I hope little bird has a lovely birthday.

  • Loulou

    Happy birthday sweet little Birdie! Hope everyone enjoys the party and, of course, all the bubbles!

  • jodi

    We just had a garden party (with woodfire pizza instead of a BBQ) for my daughter’s first birthday. It’s was simple and delightful – just how we like it. Happiest day sweet Birdie, eat lots of cake!!! x

  • MaĆ«lle

    Happy birthday to your little bird ! It has been so great and inspiring to see her grow and change over the past year, she’s such a cute little girl and reminds me so much of my baby sister. :)
    I hope you will all have a wonderful day !

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