i have had numerous requests from readers about my skincare regimen over the years, so today i thought i'd share. i recently was turned on to the brand SUPER by nicholas perricone. i cannot even tell you how much of a fan that i am. i love the product and have noticed an incredible difference in my skin. aaaand this line is affordable! there are so many eye creams, moisturizers and anti-aging serums that are well over $100 for an ounce or two and realistically, most of us cannot afford them. i have tried a few and can honestly say that i like SUPER better and every product is between twenty and fifty dollars. woo-hoo! so here is that i use and why…Super1

1. SUPER sweet clean cleanser with acai. $30. this lightweight cleanser is incredible. it leaves my face feeling ultra clean, fresh and removes make up in a flash. 2. SUPER detox elixir with watercress. $30. this toner is in a spray form… genious! it tightens and minimizes pores. i like to tuck this baby in my purse and spray throughout the day when i need a little refresher. 3. SUPER crinkle eraser with red algae. $48. a firming serum that i smooth over fine lines. it works so well! 4. SUPER bright eyes. $50. the most amazing eye cream i have ever used. it smells incredible and has an instant cooling effect. a must have every morning! i use it under the eye and on the eyelids. 5. SUPER hyper hydrator with coconut water. $40. a light weight hydrating moisturizer that i use daily on my face and neck. seriously the best, i love it!


6. SUPER first blush with melon. $48. this serum is SO GOOD. it gives a natural youthful glow to tired, dull skin. kind of like that pretty pregnant glow that expecting mama's have in a bottle. 7. SUPER sun kissed with tumeric and SPF 25. $42. to protect from the sun and give you a little bit of coverage. i use this during the day instead of foundation. 8. SUPER night recharge with red algae. $50. i put this on each night after washing my face with the sweet clean cleanser. it fights crime against those fine lines and moisturizes while you sleep. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

these are the products that i use along with my real, honest opinions on each one. they have several different products for all skin types that you can check out as well. happy skin caring! if you have more questions that you'd like to see answered here in the future, please comment below. xo.

footnote: i was not paid to write the above. i actually use and love SUPER products and i recommend them to all of my friends and family. SUPER has sent me complimentary products in the past to try and i loved them and continue to use them. to see other products that i use and have used in the past you can click here.


  • Jenette

    I loved his books, this sounds like it goes right along with how he believes we should eat to keep us from aging. Love the ingredients! i’m gonna look into this line! do you know how it would work for oily/breakout prone skin? thanks miss james!

  • Tee

    What did you use for your pregnant skin? Did you use anything different? Did you try to prevent stretch marks, and if so, what did you use, and did it work? I’m in the pregnant boat right now, and I really want to keep my tummy looking and feeling as nice as possible! Plus, my skin is so dry right now!

  • jillian pye

    Thank you for this, I am looking for a new skincare regimen–I will have to check this out!

  • Christine

    I’m a huge fan of his products, but had never tried this line before. Your review has given me the nudge to give them a try!

  • Nataly

    I am going to be trying this! It looks great! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Camila Faria

    And the packaging is super pretty! Great tip!

  • Melissa jade

    I’m so tempted to try this line now! Your skin is aaaaamaaaazing! I’ve been using slot of the origins brand dr. Weil line- which is great but I’m always looking for “amazing!”

  • Kacie

    Thanks so much James. I JUST ran out of all my face stuff and have been wanting to try something new. I’ll look into this. Really, really appreciate it!

  • Tabatha

    Dr. Perricone is great! I love his books! As an esthetician I always recommend them to my clients! Thansk for posting

  • Barb in Louisiana

    Just curious – how long does this amount of product last? Do you use all of what you have listed on a daily basis? I did the math and if one uses all these products daily and it all lasts a month….wow. I’m all for pretty skin but that is well over $300 a month? Just curious what investment is necessary for such a regimen.

  • Rae Veda

    I love his line. The cleanser is the best. I may have to try some of the other products you mentioned.
    xo, rae veda

  • mama bear

    Thanks for sharing this! Your skin is beautiful!

  • aps and lou

    Slighty unrelated, but would you pretty please do more mix tapes? :)

  • tracy

    I am straight up OBSESSED with the eye cream. I kinda wanna eat it.

  • sécia

    Really a great post! I’ve been looking to change it up a bit and this just might be it! Thanks for posting this.
    ♥ sécia

  • sara

    I wonder if I can find it here in Canada or back home in France maybe? I use “NUXE” products these days and it’s also wonderful, especially their “huile sèche”, the smell reminds of my mom when I was a child… such a great smell! ;)

  • debbie

    I’ve got to say, this is the most adorable skin care post I’ve ever seen :)

  • Amanda

    Thanks for sharing…I’ve been curious about this brand and might try it out soon :)
    On another note, would you mind sharing your current body lotion….thanks a bunch!

  • Fran

    Thanks, I’m always on the look out for new products to trial for my sensative skin! I’m not sure if I can get these in Australia but I’ll definately check them out. xx Fran

  • molly

    i’m sure this line is great but this looks more like an ad to me. frankly i’m a little turned off.

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