i am so excited to finally post photos of my little birdies nursery. it’s been one of my most anticipated posts. i adore the way it turned out and… (don’t tell the older kiddos) it’s my favorite room in the house right now. hee! the room was originally my sewing room but once we found out we had a new little birdie on the way it was time to move the fabric and machines downstairs and transform it into a tiny girls room. the space is quite small. i’m not sure what the square footage is but trust me it’s teeny tiny, but perfect for a small child. there is also no closet so i had to get creative when it came to storing her clothes. it was a challenge to make everything fit and not look cluttered, but one that i was excited to take on. so here you have it… baby gemma bird’s nursery.





i drew inspiration from everywhere i could. it’s a little bit vintage, a little bit mid century and a little bit shabby chic i suppose. i also wanted to add a lot of color with accessories, knit toys, stuffed & handmade dolls. i read a lot of the design blogs that featured other nurserys to collect inspiration. most came from european homes, they love color and had some really great ideas which i incorporated into the room.


i really wanted this fiberglass mid century rocker and had put it on my baby wish list way back when i was gathering inspiration for the space and was so pleasantly surprised when modernica gifted it to me for baby gemma’s nursery. that was the happiest day! both julian and milla plum have chalkboard walls in their rooms so of course i wanted to give the bird her own little wall to doodle on.

i used a lot of antique store finds for storage. wooden crates, wire planters and baskets to store toys, books and blankies.




as i said earlier the room had no closet so i had to create one. there was a built in dresser in the wall with a cubby hole above for a television (i’m assuming) so we bought a rod and hung it inside… voila instant tiny closet.


the drawers beneath are packed with clothes as well as on the wall above her crib. i hung some of her vintage dresses there and it not only gave me a bit more closet space but also looks pretty cute. i have quite the collection of little vintage dresses for her. many are in our closet as well because i ran out of room.


many of these dresses & clothes were sweet gifts from blog readers and friends. i love them all so much!


her little crib is full of lots of knit toys from luckyboy sunday, blabla kids and yellow label. i made her vintage sheets from vintage linens and a little pillow out of doilies.



her mobile was a gift from my ex-husband and his wife (gemma bird’s god parents.) she loves to stare at it when she plays in her crib.


we picked up this tiny formica table and chairs set at an antique shop here in texas on one of our summer road trips. i imagine her having cute little tea parties there one day.



the picture hanging on her wall was sent to us from studio violet. it is one of my very favorite things in the room. (i have a giveaway from them coming in the near future.) and the little bird house hanging from the ceiling was an estate sale find.


her changing table top and dresser were actually milla plums when she was a baby. she was happy to pass it along to her baby sister because she got a new bigger and taller dresser. i hung wire planters above the changing table/dresser and filled them with handmade dolls by mama, sleepy kingwarm sugar and a peppe doll from luckyboy sunday. a cute idea that i found from a design blog. i love the way it turned out.


the top dresser drawer if filled with her cloth diapers sent to us from bum genius.


she has quite the little shoe collection going on… here are some of my favorites.


a few more cute little things in the room that i just love…





these books are near and dear because one is from texas, where she and papas were born, and the other is from the bay area… mama’s old stomping ground.



there’s lots of love in this room and i am so so smitten with how it turned out. thanks for taking a look. XO!


  • Stacie

    So beautiful! Great job! Baby Gemma is one lucky girl.

  • tiffany.

    It’s perfect!!! I LOVE the “mocha chocolate doll” on the wall (wink) AND i have the exact same red mini piano on my living room floor except it has gold chipped letters and is missing a toof cus it’s vintage :oP

  • Emma

    Miss James! This is beautiful!
    I really love the big windows that let SO much light in, and Gemma’s little face is so cute. I recognize that chair from other pictures, so it’s cool to see how it fits into her room. The mobile from Gemma’s godparents is so special and so sweet and it’s one of my favorite parts of her room! Thank you for sharing this, Miss James!
    ps. Oh MAN do I need a chalk board in my room!

  • The Vintage Cabin

    Amazing! I love everything about this room and you know, it doesn’t look that teeny tiny at all. It looks like the perfect size. I love how you displayed her toys on the wall in those wire basket things and what baby doesn’t want an old whisky crate!? Awesome. Her clothing is ridiculous too. Also, I forgot until now that you bought a pair of sheets from my shop AGES ago and said they’d be for your baby bird’s room. I’m so glad to see how you made one into a crib sheet. You did an incredible job, mama! :)

  • Cassandra

    This was so so so beautiful and inspiring! You’ve done a really great job!

  • Chickything

    My favorite post ever!

  • Lili

    sooo adorable. c’est magnifique. i ♡ it a lot. ツ

  • camille yanair

    good grief that’s gorgeous! can you come to sc & decorate my house please?? also, coming from a set of divorced parents who can’t get along to save their lives, it’s really inspiring that you seem to have a healthy relationship w/ your ex husband.

  • kristin

    OMG! that last photo is the cutest!!! she seems like the best little baby. :] love her room. all the hard work you put into it really paid off, it’s lovely.

  • Meg

    Love it, it’s perfect just like her!

  • jessica

    absolutely darling! i especially love the wire planters-turned-doll display shelves. i never would have thought to use them in that manner, but it works so well!

  • Lucy

    oh no! this is the most beautiful room ever! so much wow wow wow wow! xx

  • McKenzie

    The last picture of baby Gemma is especially beautiful!

  • jill

    super cute room. there are so many personal touches! and that last picture. omg, she is such a model baby!!!

  • lishyloo

    my absolute favorite is the wee table with the pink chair. it’s so endearing to me! and that calico cat?? so good!!!

  • Christina

    It is just dreamy, I remember having BIG windows like that in my room as a little girl with a mini upright piano that I loved! What a special place for a special baby bird…

  • Patricia

    The planters and dolls love Fab!!!! I had that record player when I was little!!!
    Great Job!

  • Lisa

    Gemma’s nursery is so precious! I love the wire planter idea! The photos of the baby bird herself are adorable. She’s so beautiful! After seeing this, I’d love to get a glimpse of the older kids’ rooms too!

  • Alex

    This is one of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen. Great job, James! Your kiddos are so lucky :)

  • stacy

    you did such a great job! i love the wire planters on the wall…well i love everything. thanks for sharing!

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