6On our recent Texas trip, we discovered the most incredible drink called The Paloma. We were out one night, while in Austin and I asked the bartender if he could make me a margarita. He said “Yes, but it will be shit. We only have sweet and sour syrup and it’s not good. Let me make you a drink that you will love.” I was, of course, appreciative and agreed. I watched as he mixed blanco tequila, pink grapefruit juice, soda water, and squeezed in fresh lime. He didn’t give it a name after he handed it to me, but I tasted it and was quite happy. A friend later told me that it was called a Paloma. We were hooked and here’s why:

Reason one: blanco tequila (100% agave) does not give you a hangover. I repeat, it does not give you a hangover. At least, in our experience it did not, and let me tell you, there was a lot of blanco tequila consumed on our trip.

Reason two: it’s quite possibly the easiest drink to make. Yes, you can impress you friends at your next get together.

Reason three: It’s refreshing, delicious, and pink, and it reminds me of Dr. Seuss—”The ink he likes to drink is pink. He likes to wink and drink pink ink.”

Reason four: 15 more reasons why tequila is good for you.

So here’s the recipe for The Paloma, my current drink of choice, plus a little Marfa-found addition that makes it ever better!

You will need:
100% agave blanco tequila. We prefer Espolon
pink grapefruit juice
soda/sparkling water
fresh lime
hibiscus rose bitters (optional)

I have become quite the pro-Paloma maker, so I just eyeball, but here is my best approximate ratio. Mix 1 part tequila, 1 part grapefruit juice, and two parts soda water. Top with a nice squeeze of fresh lime and add a few drops of hibiscus rose bitters. Stir and serve on the rocks. Garnish with a lime wedge if you’re feeling fancy.



1We returned from our trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago. It was relaxing, inspiring, and therapeutic for so many reasons, both for ourselves and our marriage. We absolutely fell in love with Marfa. So much so that we are already planning our return and this time with our kids in tow. We have friends that have a house there and their kids and ours are inseparable when together.

2Marfa is hot as hell, but it’s a dry desert heat, which makes it a little more bearable in my opinion.

4How cool are these planters? I want to figure out how to recreate something similar at home!


7The famous See Mystery Lights sign!


9Ballroom Marfa was one of our favorite art exhibits. There are many in Marfa, but very few that allow cameras.



14It started storming randomly in the afternoon and the sky was the most beautiful pale gray. We stopped on our drive for a rain dance and photo opp!



17The obligatory Prada installation in Valentine. It’s about 30 minutes west of Marfa and is pretty cool.

18My favorite part was the collection of locks behind Prada.


20It was very windy after the storm, which made for some cool photos—we took full advantage.


24Me and my love, tired after a long day of exploring and ready for a good margarita from one of our favorite Marfa spots, Saint George! We will share more photos from our trip very soon!

This wraps up my Olay skincare challenge. It was a fun experience and I am really happy with results. The Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream with SPF 30 is really, really good, light, and also affordable, which is a bonus and also a godsend under the hot Texas sun. And, I think I may have fallen in love with the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream that I wear at night. I can honestly say that I see a difference in my complexion and I love that I wake with super soft skin come morning time. Again, much more affordable than many other high-end creams that claim to offer similar results. Many women in my family have been using Olay for years, and it was cool to check it out for myself. Thanks Olay!

25This post is in partnership with Olay.



Ten ThingsHappy official beginning of summer! Cheers to the weekend, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. I found my new favorite coffee table book: “100 Cheeks” by Kava Gorna.

2. Loving this Christy Dawn autumn dress.

3. This creamy corn gazpacho looks delicious.

4. My little kids are obsessed with the new Sago Mini Portable Playhouse.

5. Take a peak at this airy modern greenhouse in Brooklyn.

6. Brexit: what happens when Britian leaves the EU.

7. This video will melt your heart.

8. Ten easy ways to connect with your teenager.

9. I am excited about this new HBO series premiering in July.

10. 24 summer reads to pack for your next beach trip.

Photo above by Kava Gorna.




I’ve been cooking more (one of my New Year’s goals that I have managed to follow through with!), and it has brought a lot of life into my kitchen. Instead of always running to the store for that missing ingredient, I’ve learned that you can easily grow greens right on your kitchen counter—from basil to parsley to mint and many more. There’s something a little special about growing your own food and it’s way more convenient, too! Here are four easy indoor edible plants I want to grow…

Scallions. Place a handful of scallions (with their roots attached) in a full glass of water, then place in a sunny window. Cut off what you need to use for cooking, and the scallions will regrow overnight! Who knew? Tip: change the water a few times a week for maximum growth.

Cilantro. This herb requires plenty of sunlight and nutrient-rich soil. Make sure to only water when soil is dry, and plant in a pot with plenty of drainage holes (terra cotta is preferable). When growing inside, start with seeds or starter plants, and make sure each plant is at least 4 inches apart. Mexican food is a staple in this family, so our cilantro will be used on the reg!

Basil. Similar to cilantro, basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors. All that is required is to plant it in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. It is important that the pot provides adequate drainage, as the basil roots will rot if over saturated. Basil should always be placed in a sunny window, and ideally receive at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Avocado. I was surprised to learn that you can grow your own avocados indoors. I eat avocado almost everyday, so this is huge! The process is a bit more labor intensive than the others, but I’m betting it’s well worth it. First, remove the avocado pit and rinse it under cold water until clean. Root the pit with the pointed side up and stabilize with four toothpicks along the side of a dish for balance. Next, fill the dish with water until the pit is halfway submerged, and make sure to change the water every few days. Once the stem reaches 6 inches long, cut it in half and let it regrow. Then, when the roots become thicker, plant it and let the stem grow to a foot in length. It may take up to a year for the plant to start producing fruit, but that’s worth the wait for avocado lovers like myself.

Photos courtesy of: 17apart, divinecaroline, motherearthliving, and inhabitat.




doenAubrey and I got back this past weekend from our long-overdue vacation. We had a great time sans work and kids, but I am happy to be back home with my babies. Happy Friday, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. I need this pin as a daily reminder.

2. A summer TV preview of what’s to come.

3. This commercial is bound to make you smile.

4. iOS 10: the ten best new features.

5. Salad pizza. Yes, please!

6. I’m gawking over the latest collection by Doen. Take a look.

7. A new taco shop opened in Nashville and I’ve been dying to go.

8. A list of no-fail Father’s Day gifts he’ll love.

9. I’ve been living in my salt white Kamm pants.

10. Jimmy Fallon and President Obama “slow jam the news”.

Photo above via Doen.

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