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Aether gifted us a Cone a few months ago, which was exciting because we are big music fans. The Cone is a well designed music player that makes listening to the bands you love simple. You literally tell it what to play with your voice and it listens, which the kids think is the coolest thing ever! Birdie tells it to “Play Chandelier” several times a day, so she can sing along with Sia at the top of her lungs. You can also use the Aether app and control it from your phone to create a more customized listening experience.

We were more than impressed with the Cone and have since grown our collection from one to four—one on the main floor, one in our bedroom, and one for each of the big kids, so they would stop fighting over ours. What’s cool about having more than one is that Aether just launched multi-room syncing, so we can play the same music throughout the house on all four Cones or have each one play different music. Aether also just announced bluetooth, which makes it possible to listen to your favorite tunes virtually anywhere. We are currently in Texas visiting family and friends and brought one with us. The battery lasts 8 hours, so we get in plenty of playing time on a single charge. Well done Aether!

Check out Aether for more details.

This post is in partnership with Aether, a company and product we use and love.




It’s been a busy month and I have not been snapping photos or posting to this space as regularly as I’d like to. I’m three weeks behind on sharing the kids’ portraits, so I decided to share them all at once and then continue moving forward later this week, on schedule. Apologies for the delay.

Sailor, age 2: This boy has been pretty naughty lately, but his cute curls and deep belly laugh make it all ok.
Birdie, age 4: Her favorite joke is “What does the cat say when you step on its tail?” “MEOOOW.”
Plum, age 12: She has been practicing for a big school speech for the past week. It’s cool to see how into it she is and how comfortable she is speaking in front of others.
Julian, age 14:  He is about to start tennis lessons after school. Love:love.



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Being that Aubrey and I have a camera around our necks much of the time due to our jobs, we tend to take a lot of pictures. Problem is, most of these images are digital and stay filed away on one of our many hard drives and often times are forgotten. We have always agreed that we need to start printing some of our family photos and putting together a photo wall somewhere in our home, but year after year we didn’t make it happen—until now.

We were asked by a new custom framing company called Framebridge if we would like some complimentary frames for our home and we couldn’t have been more thrilled! We sent some of our most cherished prints with their ready-to-ship packaging—including wedding photos, snapshots of the kids, and our massive Bob Dylan print—to Framebridge and in return they delivered each one, framed and matted and ready to hang, with the proper hardware! The process was simple and quick and the quality is fantastic. And, Framebridge is affordable, starting at just $39, which is unheard of for custom framing! We already have some more photos and a couple of posters in mind for our next order.

BONUS: Framebridge is giving Bleubird readers 20% off of two or more items using code: BLEUBIRD at checkout! I am sure I’m not the only one who has photographs in need of framing, so I encourage you all to take a look and get in on this discount! Visit Framebridge or download the mobile app to get started.

This post is in partnership with Framebridge. A company we adore!

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We’ve been dreaming of spring over here. School was closed due to the snow for two days last week, but today it’s 60 and sunny. Here’s hoping that this beautiful weather is here to stay! Will be back soon to play catch up with you all and to share the past two weeks of the kids’ portraits. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Worn / Lattice Jumper, Ace&Jig. Botines, Ricardo Medina.




Head colds, insomniac kids, snow and ice, school being closed, taxes, internet outages, zombie-like parents try to keep a household together, overwhelming work loads—that was last week in a nutshell. One for the books in 2015. Here’s to hoping that this week goes smoothly, that the sunshine peeping through my window stays around for a while, to healthy children who sleep through the night, and some extra time to play catch up on all things business and the email front. Some days it seems like life gets the best of you. All you can do is keep on truckin’ and do your best.

Right now I’m wishing I could trade places with my cat for a day and catch up on sleep. I hope you all (and I) have a good, productive week. xx

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