It’s been cold and rainy here recently, which means the kids are stuck indoors often and constantly complaining of boredom. We venture out as much as we can, taking trips to the book store, out to eat, or try to catch an appropriate movie when showtimes permit, but it’s a little tough keeping the rainy day blues away with four kids. Last week, we received these little boxes in the mail from Kiwi Crate. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s an award-winning, monthly kid’s craft subscription service, that sends creative and easy to make crafts right to your doorstep. Each box contains 2-3 craft projects inside with thorough, step by step instructions that are easy for kids to follow. The crafts are simple enough for little kids to do with just a little help from mom or dad or an older sibling. They’re perfect for days when it’s hard to get outside and you’re in need of something new to do. My kids were excited to dig right in and get started as soon as they arrived. The girls decided to make the winter luminaries first. They created a winter scene with a stained glass-like background, luminary shade with tissue paper and a clear glaze. They applied cute holiday stickers that came with the crate, once it had dried. The crate included little battery operated lights (the size of a tea light) to put inside the luminaries to light them up when finished. Birdie loves her new winter night light. There were enough supplies to make two more lights, so if you have more than one child like I do, there will (hopefully) be no arguing over who gets to make what.

We really enjoyed Kiwi Crate. The crafts are actually fun to do and great quality. Plus, the cost for the projects is cheaper than it would be to run to the craft store and buy the supplies ourselves. The best part is that my kids were entertained for hours, yes hours, making crafts together in the kitchen with very little bickering. Kind of a miracle.


Kiwi Crate activity crates are available for kids of every age, from toddlers to teens. Plans start at just $16.95 per month and shipping is always free! A Kiwi Crate subscription would be the ultimate holiday gift, that keeps on giving month after month.

Bonus: Sign up today and receive 60% off your first month subscription with coupon code: BB60!

This post is in partnership with Kiwi Crate.



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I recently upgraded my camera lenses and now I can’t put the thing down.

1. The sweetest pup.
2. Little playmates.
3. Homemade sopa de pollo by yours truly.
4. Napping Bird.
5. Curious kitty.
6. This kid loves his “choo-choos”.
7. It stopped raining and the sun came out the other day, so we took full advantage and got outside for a few hours.
8. Tiny finger.
9. Chicken and waffle Sunday brunch.
10. My favorite new Ace&Jig pants.
11. A beautiful book.
12. Hard at work for hours and hours.
13. We still haven’t cut his hair. Those baby curls are just too cute.
14. No children were harmed during this fun, semi-dangerous activity.
15. The finished product. She wanted to create a special Christmas village for her Calico Critters and she did. I think it’s stunning.




Boy have we been busy. So busy that I haven’t had a chance to come and update this space until now. Sorry about that. The holiday season is a jam-packed time of year for everyone and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Aubrey and I (collectively) have four businesses to keep on top of outside of our family and home, and it can sometimes feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water. We are working on ways to manage our time better because, honestly, we are not very good at it.

We went on a road trip to Mississippi with some friends right before Thanksgiving and then returned home only to prep and prepare a feast for a house full of friends. I have so many great photos to share from the past few weeks and as soon as I get a moment to sort through them I will. We did manage to finally finish Game Of Thrones and I am kind of freaking out now that it’s over. It’s like a drug, that show. Do any of you watch? I am looking for a new series to pour myself into, when I have the time of course, and have had a couple of suggestions, but if you have a favorite show, I would love to hear it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have been munching on leftovers and turkey sandwiches (my favorite part) ever since. Sadly they are all gone now. Until next year, dear leftovers!

The photo above was taken in Mississippi at my friend’s parent’s place. It was the first time we had ever seen a cotton field in real life. So cool!



Once again, I’ve teamed up with Barneys New York for the holidays! I’m talking traditions, how I beat the shopping crowd madness, and I’ve put together a fun set of gift-guides! Here are a few of the things I put on my list…




1. City Parks, Public Places, Private Thoughts. 2. Rose Noir Eau De Parfum. 3. Janessa Leone “Rita” Hat. 4. Claudio Riaz Instant Pout. 5. Knit Globe Rattle. 6. Baies Colored Candle. 7. YSL Touche Eclate. 8. Princess And The Pea Playset. 9. Paris Tea. 10. Striped Cashmere Baby Blanket.

You can shop all of my gift-guide selects here. And read up on my holiday traditions and shopping habits here.

*This post is in partnership with Barneys New York.




Last year, I took a photo of my kids every week, until the year was over. I had hoped to keep the tradition strong and do the same again this year, but stopped after just twelve weeks. Looking back through the photos this morning and seeing just how incredibly cool documenting their growth and personality week after week truly was, I’ve decided to give it a go once again. Those photos are really something special.

Julian: Practicing a little AC/DC tune on the guitar.
Plum: Wearing Mama’s hat and making funny faces.
Birdie: It’s a pink Push-Pop kind of day!
Sailor: Talking up a storm these days and always has a car in hand. Always.

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