Hope everyone has a great weekend. Here are this week’s ten things…

1. I am so excited to see this movie. Did anyone else read the book?

2. I’m moving in asap!

3. Celebrity deaths in 2016—too many.

4. Time magazine announced its 100 most influential people for 2016.

5. I am in love with my new Maryam Nassir Zadeh sandals.

6. There’s a naked restaurant opening this summer in London and it has an 8,000-person waiting list.

7. A look inside Jean-Paul Goude’s new exhibition.

8. Our new favorite cereal.

9. Radiohead is rumored to release a new album this year.

10. I love these aerial photographs.

Photo of Prince by Robert Whitman.



Have you guys heard of Nisolo? It’s a Nashville-based company that produces simplistically beautiful, handmade, leather shoes, chukka boots, bags, and jewelry. Each item is carefully designed and crafted with ethically-sourced, high-quality materials by master shoemakers in Trujillo, Peru. The thing that drew me to the brand most is how effortlessly cool and timeless everything is. Nisolo means “not alone” and its team is committed to developing quality products with a social impact that is both game changing and life changing by being aware and completely transparent with their story.

2 7 8 6I lean towards classic, staple closet items that I can pair with almost any outfit, which is what Nisolo is all about. The brand just released its new Elizabeth Slide for spring/summer and I love its simplicity and construction. The Oliver Oxford is traditional with masculine lines—so perfect with Levi’s or sundresses. And my favorite, the Ecuador Sandals are an easy, comfortable, casual rendition of the much-loved Huarache style.

12 13 15 16 19 23 26Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Nisolo items that would make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day…

NisoloRoundUp_Bleubird 1. Ecuador Huarache Sandal Almond, 2. Oliver Oxford Noir, 3. Elizabeth Slide, 4. Lima Clutch, 5. Plane Ring, 6. Lori Tote, 7. Oliver Oxford Almond, and 8. Ecuador Huarache Sandal Bone.

output_QlRabZ This post is in partnership with Nisolo.




Did anyone else get around to reading The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing? I finished it a while ago and really loved it. I am going to keep my personal summary brief, but feel free to go into detail in the comments below (and please preface any spoiler alerts!).

First off, I loved that the novel was broken into a collection of stories over a period of years. I found Jane’s character to be dynamic and insightful as she navigates her way through life with humility and a good amount of comic relief. I saw myself comparing a few of my own experiences from my young adult life (trying to balance work, family, and love) to Jane’s, making her character easily relatable. Overall, this book was a perfect mix of real-life grit and humor, and I would recommend it to anyone who has yet to pick it up.

Side note: what did everyone think of Archie? I could never quite make up my mind about him or their relationship.

As for my next book (I realize we are nearing May—my apologies for the delay on sharing!), I picked up Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill as per a recommendation from my friend. It’s composed of a series of nine stories, and has been given rave reviews. Let me know if you want to read along! xx.



I was recently approached by Olay to take part in a skincare challenge, which included a visit to the Olay Labs for a full skin analysis and a prescribed daily regimen to tackle whatever findings were made. Because skincare is very important to me, especially as I approach the big three-seven and want to keep my skin as youthful as possible, I jumped at the opportunity and took the 4-hour road trip to visit the Olay Labs just outside Cincinnati.

It was a little intimidating walking into a lab full of real life scientists and interesting looking machines, but they quickly made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited to learn more about my skin. Shannon, one of Olay’s lead scientists, had me place my face into the Visia machine that takes extreme close-up photos of the skin to see the layers beneath the surface. The machine measures the findings to other women’s skin in my age bracket and determines what needs improving.

I was really happy with the results. I found out that my skin is in very good shape for my age. (Gives self high-five!) There were really only two areas that need some attention; I have some minor sun damage, which I could have predicted being that I spent much of my early twenties working on that perfect tan, and I need to work on my skin’s overall texture.


Olay gave me three products to start using on a daily basis to help reverse some of the damage, which consists of a cream cleanser, a micro-sculpting cream with SPF, an overnight micro-sculpting cream, and a simple, yet effective daily skincare routine, which is honestly a breath of fresh air compared to the extensive (and expensive) routine I have been accustomed to.

Daily: To gently exfoliate every day, use OLAY Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser with oxygenated derma-beads. It smooths the skin surface and deep cleans without over-drying.

Morning: After cleansing, moisturize and defend against harmful UVA/UVB rays using OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It protects against early aging due to sun exposure to keep skin looking bright and healthy.

Night: Before bedtime, apply OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to deeply hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while sleeping.

So Far, I am loving the simplicity of this routine and my skin looks and feels great. Win, win! And this is all happening at the perfect time since Aubrey and I are headed to Marfa, Texas in June for a very long-overdue, and dare I say romantic, week sans kids. It’s been nearly eight years since we’ve traveled alone just the two of us, so we are very excited and I of course want to look my best!

Top photo by the wonderful Justin Coit.

This post is in partnership with Olay.


















A few snapshots from the corners of our house.

1. Tiny bedroom rainbows.
2. My friend Andrew’s amazing Puerto Rican beans. He shared his recipe with me and this was my first time making them—nailed it!
3. Two naked ladies still waiting to be framed.
4. Looking down.
5. This morning’s office.
6. Pre-Montessori cereal breakfast.
7. Picture taker.
8. We love clementines around here.
9. Hands up.
10. House cats have it so good. Too good.
11. This may be a sweater one day.
12. We really upped our coffee game with this machine and grinder. Mornings are so much better now.
13. Maryam Nazzir Zadeh obsessed.
14. Avocado toast lunch for this mother bird.
15. Looking down.
16. Peace towels.

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