Sorry it was so quiet here over the past week. I was in San Francisco for hustling for Mother! Have a great weekend, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. Take a peak at the best street style photos from last week’s Paris couture shows.

2. An Alexander McQueen biopic is in the works.

3. A list of the 2016 Grammy performers.

4. You can now stay in a luxury tree house hotel in central London.

5. The cannabis-growing nuns fighting to legalize weed. Too funny!

6. Where to eat in 2016.

7. Check out the Sundance Film Festival highlights.

8. I’m excited to listen to this new podcast.

9. What books to base your life on, according to an avid reader.

10. Impatiently waiting until July for this new exciting cookbook to drop!

Photo of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan via Getty Images.




The Two Son online store is up and running (yay!), and I wanted to share a few of my current favorites. As previously mentioned, we carry a collection of choice brands for men, women, and home, as well as our own in-house Two Son line of denim and knits. We will be continually updating the site as the new spring product arrives, so be sure to follow along!

Products listed from left to right. Beauty Dust, $65. Wary Meyers soap, $14. Earth Tu Face travel kit, $64. Stud earring, $150. Black skinny jeans, $155. Lisa B. socks, $24. Earth Tu Face skin stick, $34. 24 hour woman calendar, $26. Monk oil, $54. Speed shop tee, $38. Apartamento, $19.95. Mum and Co. bag, $140. B Sides, $298. Clyde pinch hat, $326. Le Feu De L’Eau candle, $62. Baggu clutch, $68.



Two weeks ago we had a big winter storm, which meant no school for the kids. We played in the snow, flew down our hill with makeshift sleds (trashcan lids and laundry baskets work like a charm), baked goodies, drew pictures, watched movies, and played games. Like most kids, Birdie and Sailor are currently obsessed with our phones and iPads, so most of their favorite games at the moment are digital, which can be hard to monitor when it comes to content, purchases, and time spent on devices, period.

We love Toca Boca apps, because they’re not only fun and inspire learning, but unlike many children’s digital games, these don’t allow any in-app purchases or third-party ads. The brand just released its new Toca Blocks, which allows kids to build and construct their own unique world with various, ever-changing blocks, colors, textures, and materials. The gender-neutral app starts with a blank canvas and encourages kids to explore, create, and see endless ways to use the same item. Even though Sailor is younger, he loves learning how to play with Birdie. Toca Blocks is designed for ages 5-9, is just $3.99 on the App Store, and just became available on Google Play!








We’ve teamed up with Toca Boca to give away an iPad mini loaded with the brand’s full collection of apps for your kids! To enter, click here, but make sure to come back and comment on this post below and let me know that you’ve entered!

You can follow Toca Boca on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

Best of luck and thank you for playing!





I’ve been traveling often for work over this past year, so much so that I am starting to feel way more comfortable with each trip. Although I still battle travel anxiety, I have made a lot of progress and feel it much less. I’m feeling more like a seasoned badass when I head to the airport—I pull my perfectly packed wheeled carry-on behind me, dressed in my strategized travel outfit, and breeze through security and the terminal with ease and a feeling like “I got this.”

I’ve learned just what I need and don’t need, what I can do and can’t do, to work ahead before my flights, and to stay very organized and on schedule. I am traveling for work this week, and nearly every other week through March, which is kinda crazy.

This trip is 5 days long and I had to pack carefully to include enough clothing for two events—one semi-dressy and one pretty casual, dinner with family one night, a business dinner another night, and I have a late night with friends planned to close the trip, plus regular everyday clothes. I’m happy to report, I packed everything I need into my small carry-on and have one shoulder bag that hold my computer and my purse. In other words, I am a f@*king magician.

Here are a few of the things I can’t travel without…


1. A cashmere travel set, complete with blanket and travel mask. I don’t use the mask much, but I get so cold on flights and the blanket is heaven! 2. A book. Right now I’m reading The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing. 3. A travel pillow. This one deflates, making it super easy to tuck away. 4. I treated myself to a really nice piece of luggage to help make my travels easier. I wanted a carry-on, so I wouldn’t have to hassle with baggage claim. It was expensive, but one of my favorite purchases ever—a real grown-up buy! It rolls like a dream and fits so much inside. 5. A carry on cocktail kit. These are a great alternative to the mixers from the airline. Did you know that you can bring your own mini bottles of booze onboard with you? Just be warned, some flight attendants will try to tell you it’s against the rules when in fact, it’s not. 6. A snack. I like Kind Bars. 7. A portable phone charger—godsend! 8. My own travel size shampoo and conditioner because you never know what your hotel provides and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 8. Travel size skincare! I recommend the Somme Institute Mobile. It’s incredible and has everything you need from serum to my beloved Transport Pads! 9. Sneakers! I cannot tell you how important it is to always pack a pair, especially if you are in the city and will be walking a lot. I made the mistake of bringing one pair of boots on a recent trip and has blisters all over my feet.

Have any travel necessities to add? I would love to hear them!



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Some recent photos…

1. I love this photo. She still looks like a baby here.
2. Sailor kisses are my favorite.
3. Snack time.
4. Annie’s Berry Patch Yogurt with fresh strawberries and a side of graham crackers.
5. Crystals hanging in my window.
6. Animal lovers.
7. A morning cup of tea.
8. Wild Thing.
9. A gift from my girl.
10. Group hug!

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