tenthings_hilaryMy teenagers are officially home from Florida, and I’m so happy to have a full house again. School starts next week—crazy right? Plum will be starting 8th grade and Julian will be a high school junior. My babies are growing up! Hope you all have a great weekend, and here are this week’s ten things…

1. Watch Hillary Clinton make political history at last night’s DNC.

2. I’ve heard great things about this book.

3. ‘Making a Murderer’ is getting a second season. Will you watch?

4. Rosé gummy bears? Yes, please!

5. How to make the perfect roast salmon.

6. Has anyone else started Stranger Things? I’m hooked!

7. Take a look at Cosmos, the new plant-based skincare line from Earth Tu Face.

8. A look inside Andy Warhol’s lost cookbook: ‘Wild Raspberries’.

9. I love this 1930′s Polish apartment.

10. The most popular TED talks of all time.

Photo above via All Day.



I’ve wanted an outdoor shower for as long as I can remember. There’s just something so refreshing and au naturel about bathing outside, and as many of you know, Nashville can be unbearably hot and humid in the summer. While we do not currently have a pool (much to the kids’ dismay), we do spend most of our weekends outdoors, so I know it would get good use. I am hoping to incorporate a small shower as a part of our home addition, after we finish tackling the interior and make all of my shower dreams come true. Here are some inspiring examples…


outdoorshower4Photos courtesy of: Outside Online, Contemporist, StyleCarrot, HGTV, Huffpost Home, Breathe Architecture, Eskayel, and Mother.



Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times to spend together with my family. After a long, crazy week of work, school, and activities, we get woken up by the little kids, bright and early for breakfast and Saturday morning cartoons—yes, we still watch them. We watch the classics like Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Garfield and Friends, or the old Micky Mouse episodes on the computer in our kitchen, since the networks no longer air the nostalgic Saturday lineup we adults loved as kids. When I grew up, there wasn’t access to 24-hour, on-demand cartoons and Saturday mornings were really special. I still want that for my kids, even though times have changed, so this small tradition is one that we look forward to and it always starts the weekend off right.

We usually make a bunch of different breakfast foods to cater to each of our likings or cravings week-to-week—eggs, pancakes or waffles, french toast, biscuits, sausage and bacon, skillet potatoes, and cereal and milk. We stay in our pajamas and powwow around the kitchen, talking about our weekend plans, watching cartoons, telling jokes, and playing this Q&A/trivia game that our family loves. Early morning bed-heads, tired eyes, giggles, the smell of fresh coffee, kids helping crack eggs and stirring batter, the sizzle of bacon, an ice-cold bowl of crunchy cereal, drinking the milk out of the bowl—it’s so incredibly simple, but to us this is the good life.

This past Saturday we watched Chip and Dale classics over a bowl of our favorite new cereal from our friends at Annie’s. The kids love the fun bunny-shaped varieties and the cocoa and fruity flavors (as parents, we’re thrilled we found a line that’s certified organic and free from artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. Pancakes and fruit were part of the lineup, as well as frozen juice pops that we made the night before. We filled molds with oj, apple juice, and chocolate milk. They were the perfect after-breakfast treat. Even Bijou got in on this weekend’s breakfast party—Birdie poured her a tiny saucer of milk.

This upcoming Saturday the big kids fly home from their summer break in Florida, so it’ll be an extra-exciting day for us and our weekly morning tradition will be even better with everyone here.

952101611131731212737385358645661bThis post is in partnership with Annie’s Homegrown, a brand we support and have loved for many years. Birdie and Sailor’s pajamas are from Mabo Kids.




This Date-Night-In involves making homemade pasta, opening up a bottle of your favorite vino, and enjoying a mellow night right at home, eating by candlelight. I recently purchased a hand-crank pasta machine, and love the process of making it from scratch. It’s a lot easier than you’d think, but definitely requires two people. So, grab your special someone, pick out your go-to sauce (I prefer pesto with fresh grape tomatoes), and enjoy a fun and delicious Italian dinner.

What to do and wear in no particular order… Dust-off your pasta maker (you can always hand-roll and cut your pasta if you don’t have one) and take a quick trip to the grocery store to buy any missing ingredients for your dough and sauce. Throw on your favorite summer dress and sandals, and add a little glow around your eyes with a dewey face highlighter and pull your hair back with a beautiful barrette. Uncork a bottle of red wine, light a candle, listen to a summer playlist on a portable speaker, and then get down to business. Bon Appétit!

For more Date Night In ideas, click here.



A few photos from around our home lately…

1. My baby boy. I can’t believe he is turning four in a couple of months.
2. Sunday cat nap.
3. Summer dress details.
4. Barefoot.
5. Books I love.
6. My Grandpa’s bell.
7. Living in dresses this summer.
8. On my nightstand.
9. A piece of Marfa in our home.

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